A Day Workin’ with Cement

It was a perfect fall day. Today we were able to pour a cantilevered retaining wall that Joseph and John formed out and then the sidewalk to the house. Hopefully, on Thursday, we will begin pouring the driveway.




“Hit the ground, boys!” 🙂 We thought of that caption after seeing this photo. In reality, the boys were working, and Dad had been directing the cement truck driver.



After the cement truck driver arrived, he asked John if he was the boss. John smiled, and said he was, and pointed over at Joseph saying, “And he’s the foreman,” and then over at Dad, “And he’s the owner.” Clever, John.





3 thoughts on “A Day Workin’ with Cement”

  1. I love it!!!!

    Its amazing how your family works in beautiful harmony. I enjoyed the “boss,foreman,owner” bit. Talk about preparing those boys for practical living, though.

    We purchased the Homeschool Encouragement cds when you were here in NJ. Last night, I was listening to Sarah’s presentation, and what a blessing!! I was sorry that my 19 year old daughter was unable to attend, but am so thankful she could still receive the blessing! Sarah hits so many nails on the head. Thanks for making it all available to all.


  2. Looks like the weather is holding out for you all. Praise the Lord. Looks like fun!! Praying for you.


  3. Just caught up on your family’s happenings. Sounds like you were in some of our former duty-stations…Chesapeake, VA and Ohio. I would love to get to attend one of your conferences one day…when are you coming to Hawaii?? I’m enjoying the literature I recently ordered. And my daughter is delighting in the first of the Moody books. We’re sharing some of your books with our Christian friends here, and they are generating lots of discussion. God’s blessings to you…
    With warm aloha,

    Thank you for asking, but since we drive everywhere we go, it might take a while. God bless. Steve

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