Will Your Anchor Hold?

On Saturday we went to the homeless shelter in Kansas City. It is always good, but a sobering time. Nathan led the singing, the Maxwell men brought instruments and sang “At the Cross” and Christopher preached about Jonah and heeding spiritual warnings.

The chapel was packed with 129 men as it was raining hard and men wanted to get out of the rain. If most people who thought they had problems were to visit to mission or a nursing home, they should be cured. Many men were soaking wet from being out in the rain and came to the mission so they would have something to eat.

After chapel we speak to the men and share Jesus with them one-on-one. It is a tough time but a good time. One of the men’s stories I heard was similar to a few I have heard prior. He was happily married, attending church, successful in business, life was going well, and then his wife died of cancer. He like three others I’ve talked too, when tragedy happened, they turned to alcohol and drugs instead of the Lord Jesus. Their lives then went from the deep, dark waters of a tragedy, to the depth of despair and loss of everything as Satan became their “master.” The lives of those men reflect how cruel of a master he is.

What is our relationship with the Savior like? Do we delight to spend time every morning with Him first in reading the Bible and then in blessed fellowship as we pray? Is He the One Who holds all of our expectations? Is Jesus the One Who directs our lives? Is He our everything?

If He is, then when tragedy strikes, it is just that, a tragedy, but not the end of our “life”, so to speak. Life can have some terribly dark moments, but all of them compared to the preciousness of Jesus, become fully bearable in Him. Does our anchor go very, very, deep down to the Rock which can hold us safe when the violent storms of life strike?

In Christ Jesus,


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  1. Dear Maxwell Family,
    I can’t even begin to tell you what your testimonies mean to me. They are such an encouragement in this dark world we live in. It is so refreshing to see a family so committed to Christ in every way. You are truly a blessing to me through your website! I was amazed to find that you returned to ministering to others as soon as you returned home. Thank you for sharing your love for God and daily, practical ways to live out the truths of His word. Each one of you are role models for me as I try to stay on track through the stresses of daily living. I truly thank you.



    Bless you. You are very kind. I almost didn’t put this up as we don’t deserve such kind words. We fail, we are sinners at heart, and the only thing good about us is Jesus Christ. Our Lord is good isn’t He? May we challenge and encourage each other to be busy about His business. Thank you for your encouragement.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  2. I really liked your thoughts on the men at the mission. I recently heard that Crisis doesn’t build character, it REVEALS character. Its the day by day walking with Christ, living for Him and abiding in Him that builds our character. When a tragedy strikes, if we “automatically” walk with the Lord out of habit, we will continue to. But if it isn’t a habit, we are more likely to turn to the world’s ways of coping and not Jesus. I don’t usually reply to your posts, but this thought has been recently on my mind, so I just had to comment!

  3. I am so thoroughly blessed to have found this site! My husband and I have heard God’s call to have a fifth child and it is SUCH a blessing to find other families that see children as a gift from God. Thank you for having this site built! Your family is SUCH an ecnouragement to my heart!

  4. This entry struck me with particular intensity. Although I’m a grown woman with two children, I am a “baby Christian”, coming relatively recently to a personal relationship with Christ. I’ve been dealing with a great deal of stress in my life over the past few months and my pastor keeps reminding me that I am not alone in my struggles. While it is sometimes easy to forget, I do know that Jesus is right there with me, lifting me up and protecting me. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

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