Some Interesting Trivia About Our Trip

We arrived safely home last night! Thank you for your prayers. We’ll update on the last two conferences in a later post. For now, here’s some trivia about this last month.

  • We added four new states to our list of states we’ve been to.
  • We also added one new province (Ontario).
  • It takes up to three hotel cart loads (plus many hand loads of miscellaneous things that don’t go on the cart) to pack into and out of a hotel.
  • Approximately ninety cartloads of our luggage brought in and out of hotels.
  • An unnamed person’s luggage was dreaded because of its weight. It actually had to be repacked part way through the trip to relieve the weight.
  • You can tell you’re not from the south (just hicks from Kansas), when, upon talking to the hotel clerk, she tells you about the “Cornin Company” being in the area. I told her I’d never heard of that company, and I wondered what they do. Her response was something like: “I’m not really sure, but they do dishes and such.” Oh, she meant CorningWare. Now I get it.
  • You are in and out of so many different hotel rooms, that, upon going to the front desk to get more towels, and the clerk inquires as to what room you are in, and you can’t remember, you’re suspected of being a “towel thief.”
  • When the hotel manager saw how many of us there were, he changed one of the rooms we were going to be in, and gave us a very large room. It was great as we had plenty of rooms for the two that were in sleeping bags.
  • The towels in our hotel rooms aren’t enough for nine of us, so inevitably, someone has to go and get more. One of the boys decided to use his Spanish skills, and he asked the Spanish-speaking maid for “quince towellas”. She looked at him quizzically and contemplated her cart. She took the boys back to the laundry room (and they were wondering why there wasn’t enough on her cart, but maybe she needed them for the next room she was cleaning, they thought) and grabbed a huge pile of towels and placed them in their arms. At that point, both the maid and the boys realized they had a misunderstanding. They had meant to say “cinco” (5), instead of “quince.” (15)
  • We only ate at three fast food restaurants.
  • Only one rest area was stopped at in over 4000 miles.
  • At least one hundred and seventy hand-truck loads of books and tubs brought in and out for the conferences.
  • We stayed in fifteen different places.
  • We spent the month of September and the first week of October in the North (even going into Canada), and except for a few slight exceptions, the temperatures stayed in the 70’s and 80’s. Deodorant and laundry soap were necessary items.
  • We began and ended the trip driving through heavy rain.
  • When we had our Canadian experience at the famous Tim Horton’s, a lady working there commented after serving up our chili that she had never dished up so much chili before!
  • Over two hundred capsules of Zicam cold remedy were consumed on this trip.
  • An incredible testimony to God’s grace is the fact that Dad and Mom never came down with a cold!!! What a blessing!

Only for Jesus,

9 thoughts on “Some Interesting Trivia About Our Trip”

  1. Dear Maxwell’s.
    We’re so glad ya’ll made it home safely. We prayed for you on the way home.
    We were at the Wausau, WI conference. We were blessed beyond measure.
    Thank you Mary and Anna for watching Eliana while I sat in on your Mom’s class. I got back in there just in time.She had MANY things I NEEDED to hear.

    After all these years (I bought my MOTH book in 1999, I think) I can put personality, voice, and inflection of tone behind many of the posts (and Mom’s Corners) from Teri that have changed my life. Teri, your personality was a delight.

    I am sure that the Maxwell family has been the one of the greatest influences in my life toward homeschooling, scheduling, trusting God, and organization/chores. When I’ve had no mentors, God has used you mightily!
    Thank you!
    Becki L. and family


    We were so blessed to be with you all. Thank you for encouraging us by posting.

    In Christ Jesus,  Steve

  2. Praise the Lord! We’re so happy you made it home safely. I loved your triva list too…we can personally relate to many of the things you listed. I love it when my 34 year old hubby who looks all of maybe 28 answers the hotel clerks question, “How many children?” as he arrives to check us in. When Daniel says “10”…they always start laughing and say how funny that is. When Daniel says he’s serious, they always say, “That’s not funny anymore…how many really”. He usually has to pull out our family picture, and on a couple of occasions, he’s had to bring us all into the lobby to prove it. 🙂
    Timothy and Elijah loved the “quince” towel story. They both think you all should come down for a visit so they can help the boys learn more Spanish 🙂
    We will continue to pray that the Lord will multiply the investment of your time, treasure, and talent you so sweetly gave for Him in sharing His truths.

  3. That was a great list! I am so glad to hear you are all home safely. I was praying for a safe return and appreciate the update.


  4. Thats amazing!!!

    I’m not sure whats more amazing, that your parents never got a cold, or that you only went to a fast food place 3x!! Actually it all seems like the Hand of God. 🙂

    I am so thankful that you all made it home okay. I am delighted that we got to see you when you were in Jersey. And I know you were a special blessing to all you encountered. You have already challenged so many areas in our family’s life. As hard as it is, we are thankful.

    Be holy! ~madeleine

  5. Welcome home, Maxwells! 🙂 (Now that we live in Kansas, too, I can say ‘home’! LOL) Thanks for all the updates of your travels. It’s been so wonderful to pray for you as you’ve traveled and to hear of the Lord’s using you and ministering to you all and taking care of your each and every need! Loved the trivia, too — how fun!


    We are so blessed to be home and trying to dig our way out of all that needs to be taken care of.

    God bless.


  6. I’m just laughing about the Cornin’ company! I’m from Tennessee, I knew right away what she meant! haha

    Also, I giggled about you being suspected of being a towel thief.

    Thanks for the humor. Valerie

  7. Tim Hortons beats Krispy Kreme hands down!

    Please come back to Canada – we have them in the Vancouver area too!

    (who has her one-and-one Tim’s coffee every day)


    We are on our way to Alberta next April. We love going to Canada, the only problem is the paperwork for the border crossing. Oh well.

     God bless.

    In Christ Jesus,  Steve

  8. Dear Maxwells

    Welcome home maxwells. I to was at the Wausau Wi confrence and loved it a lot! The music was so nicely put together, and enjoyed spending time with your daughter Mary. I have read Summer with the Moodys, and am now reading Autum with the Moodys.

    God Bless,

    Abbi S.

  9. Please share how you handle hotel rooms–we have only 5 children and have had nearly every situation when we went to check in…from being told, flat-out “No” that we couldn’t even allow little ones to sleep in sleeping bags; to being asked to rent 2 rooms. I can remember only 1 time that I felt truly “welcome” at a hotel. Are there any particular hotels you look for? We often go to Holiday Inn, since children stay free…but we’d gladly switch to find a more accomodating place. Thanks!


    We have to get two rooms in most hotels. Our first choice is Residence Inn and we get their two bedroom suite which is normally the price of two normal rooms elsewhere. They have a “living room” where the boys sleep, the girls have one bedroom and Teri and I the other. If no Residence Inns we choose Hamptons next but they are getting very expensive.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

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