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On September 18th, we went to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati. A family invited us to go, graciously offering to provide tickets and lunch for all nine of us. In summary, it was a tremendous blessing and far beyond my wildest expectations.

I fully believe the account of creation as told in the Bible and anticipated that this would be more of an encouragement for the children. However, I was not prepared for what a blessing and encouragement it was for me and my faith. It began with being awed in the planetarium, and I was mightily blessed from there on.

The Lord Jesus Christ and God’s plan was woven throughout the presentation with what pieces of our past have been unearthed. Zoos and museums are filled with the lies of evolution. For the first time ever in an environment like this, I saw the truth of God’s Word presented in a quality way. We didn’t pay to go, but I can say that it would have been well worth saving up for. You can spend four or more hours there, and it will enhance your family’s faith.

The museum was a great blessing to me in another way. I believe our world is starved for men of God who are willing to follow the Lord even when something seems impossible. Obviously, many have come alongside of Mr. Ham in this endeavor, but I suspect it has been his vision. I pray God’s richest blessing on a man unafraid to proclaim the truth of Scripture and build something that will counter the lie of evolution. May we all be so bold and pursue the Lord’s direction for each of our lives.

For those families who are as conservative as we are, I have a few additional comments. The Planetarium was fantastic. We did not go to the Men in White or the Dragon video. We did go to the Second Adam video at the end. In this video, Jesus is clearly presented as the Perfect Sacrifice, but it was too graphic for us, and so we just closed our eyes for a little while.

In Christ Jesus,


Creation Science Museum Lobby

Maxwell Family in Museum Lobby

T-Rex Demonstrating After the Fall

Teri and I in front of the animatronics T-Rex

Noah, giving

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  1. I wish we could have been there, too. This is something I hope our family can see it someday. We enjoy museums and zoos, but can barely stomach all of the evolution falsities!

  2. Hi Maxwell family,
    We loved the museum as well!! We too were blessed and amazed at the planetarium and the vastness of God’s creation, but also by the professional and well done museum itself–what a wonderful tool to spread God’s Word!
    May God bless your family as you raise your children to impact the next generation~
    Herb & Rhonda D

  3. We are hoping to take our children this spring. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it.


  4. We’ve been to the ICR Creation and Earth History Museum in Santee, CA. Though I’m sure it wasn’t as big as the one you all went to, it was very interesting and so refreshing to see a museum that wasn’t based on Satan’s lie of evolution. The admission price was perfect for our family too…free! 🙂
    I’m so glad you all have gotten to have some special times together in your travels…this museum, the beach ect… What wonderful memories!
    We will continue to pray for you all as you share in the conference these next couple of days and that the Lord will bring you back safely home with the rest of your sweet family.

  5. I checked out the website for the museum and it looks like it would boost any Christian’s faith! I hope one day I may take my children to see it. I am grateful your trip has provided so many wonderful ‘extras’ that you were not expecting but pleasantly suprised to have.
    I’ll continue praying for your trip.


  6. Thanks so much for your review of this. One of our sons is saving his own money for our family to go. Your review has given us a greater desire to help and see it as a trip for the family instead of just one son’s desire.

    Thanks for your continued minisry & Blessings to the Maxwell family!

  7. Don’t know if you all get a chance to read all the comments, but I am wondering if you could expound on your reasons for not viewing the Men in White and the Dragon sections? If it helps, my children are 10, 8, 6, 3 and 1. We have been thinking we would really love to take them to the museum, but we are very careful about what we expose them to, so I would really love your opinion on this. Thanks so much for all the work you do!



    My understanding was that the Men in White was a take-off of some popular movie. That was not consistent with our heart’s direction for the family. We didn’t even check into the Dragon video as we were out of time and and wanted to spend some time in their book store. There also was a graffiti section in the museum that we walked through without stopping. It was higlighting the consequences in our society of rejecting God. We needed no reminding of the sin as we are sadly aware of that.

    Again, overall, it was a blessed and edifying time.

    In Christ Jesus,


  8. I have been to the museum three times (we are members) this summer. The Men in White Program is basically a contemporary classroom setting where two angels (men in white) give a lesson combatting the evolutionary teachings found in most public schools. I haven’t seen the Men in Black movie, but was told by someone that Men in White really wasn’t like that movie at all.

    I believe the Dragon video discusses legends about dragons, which many feel were actually dinosaurs.

    As for the graffiti section, I think it is a very powerful place in the museum, especially for unbelievers/skeptics/nominal christians. It addresses many of the ills of society–drugs, broken homes, abortion etc. and points out all that has occurred in society since God/the bible have been minimized/removed. It may not be appropriate for small children. I think it would provide a great deal to discuss with older children.

    I highly recommend a visit. The bookstore is wonderful!!

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