The Lord’s Provision

We are very grateful to many families who have blessed us with food on this trip. We started out the trip with plenty of sandwich food. We have had many sandwich meals, and the children were so good not to complain about them.

We have been taken out to eat twice and that was very special. Several of our evening conference hosts provided dinner for us, and every weekend conference abundantly supplied us with food. Rhode Island sent us away with much leftover food, and we are still eating some of it. Along the way, some families have given us different food items such as delicious homemade bread, coffee cake, cookies, etc. Steve has loved the apples and granola, which have been his daily breakfast.

It has been incredible to see the way the Lord has provided for us. Yesterday for lunch, a family, who owns a Chick-Fil-A restaurant, brought us lunch! (Yea! “EAT MOR CHIKIN”) Most of us had never eaten Chick-Fil-A, and after starting in on the lunch, the family declared it to be the best chicken they have had. I’m allergic to chicken/turkey products, so the family had provided an alternative for me.

Another family brought dinner for us last night, and we had enough leftovers to supply us today. As we were packing up the book tables yesterday, a mom brought a bag of food in, and she said she wanted us to experience food from her native country (the Philippines). We were delighted to try the food, and it too was very good! Another mom asked us last night if we like homemade bread/rolls, and, of course, we said we did. She brought fresh rolls to us today at the hotel. (They were great.) We are overwhelmed by all the love and support so many have shown to us.

Thank you all!

Trusting in Jesus,

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  1. ouch…allergic to chicken. On occasion, I take the boys for a treat to Chik-Fil-A off of State Line when we go to Costco. It’s only about 5 miles away, and there aren’t any closer than that. It’s well worth it, and they are one of the only places you can take your kids anymore that don’t have scraggly cartoon characters everywhere.

    Filipino food…yum! Sounds like you eat very well when on the road.

  2. Dear Teri and family,
    I am glad you liked the rolls. Your family was such a blessing to us…it was the least I could do.
    As a sidenote, as the Lord leads,I’m sure we’re not the only family who thinks it would be nice to listen to some “Maxwell Family” music!
    God Bless you all,

  3. I love to hear of how the Lord makes provision for your family while on the road! Such a blessing. I will keep you all in prayer as you finish up your trip.


  4. I also wish we could listen to Maxwell family music! I so miss the wonderful sounds you all made in our church. It was such a blessing and made our girls want to stick with their music lessons.

  5. Okay…Even with my morning sicknesses, this post is making me hungry 🙂 I’ve told Daniel many times I feel so blessed to be in a country where the food is so good…Mexican food is our favorite. Yet when morning sickness hits, the beans, rice and salsa just don’t sound too good. 🙂
    We continue to pray for you all and love reading the comments of those who have been encouraged and blessed by the truths you’re so faithfully sharing. May the Lord’s grace and faithfulness continue to sustain you as you minister for Him.
    love and prayers,

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