Day #18 – Hartford Area, Connecticut

Hello from the beautiful state of Connecticut! We need to give an update on our last two conferences.

We drove 700+ miles from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Poughkeepsie, New York on Wednesday. When we arrived in Poughkeepsie, our Mapquest directions took us to downtown Poughkeepsie, which well, wasn’t the area where we were expecting our hotel. We called the hotel and were able to successfully find our way out of downtown to the hotel.

The conference coordinator for Thursday evening’s conference had pizzas for dinner and salad. We all enjoy pizza, and the salad was a nice touch, since we miss salad on the road. It was great!

I am very grateful to all who prayed for my voice Thursday evening. I wasn’t sure if my voice was going to hold out to be able to give the workshop. I asked Anna if she would help me with the workshop, and she graciously agreed. As I started Womanhood, I felt my voice wasn’t going to make it. Then, as the time progressed, it was amazing; my voice actually got better! I can only attribute the change to prayer! By the next morning, I was feeling better overall, and I believe it was an answer to my dad’s prayer, who, unbeknownst to me, had prayed that Mary and I would feel better the next morning.

On weekend conferences, our family gives an hour of music and testimonies. Since we don’t have time for that on the single-evening conferences, we do three songs at the end of Keeping Our Children’s Hearts. The response from our listeners is very positive, and we enjoy encouraging families in this way.

Friday morning, we drove to Rhode Island. John says that you can’t nap while driving through Rhode Island, otherwise you might miss it! RI is a very pretty state. We arrived at lunchtime and unloaded our luggage at the hotel. We spent the afternoon at the church setting up music and the book tables. I included some photos of our setup and practice time below.

The Rhode Island conference coordinators and their volunteers had undertaken to provide Friday evening dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch for attendees. All three meals were excellent, and they put forth much effort to bless those who came. We are grateful for all their work! They even sent us away with lots of food.

The conference went quite smoothly. The boys work to make sure that Dad and Mom are taken care of for each session. Anna again assisted in my session, for which I was very grateful, as I still needed her help with my cold.

We are so blessed when we meet families who have been greatly impacted by the ministry. What a joy. Dad shared with us on the drive to the hotel Friday evening, that families like that make it all worth it.

Saturday night, we drove to a family’s house in Connecticut. We enjoyed the pretty drive: sometimes seeing water inlets lined with trees. We are actually staying in this gracious family’s home! Several months ago they offered us the use of their house, and they were going to stay with a relative for these three days. After we arrived, they showed us around their house, and they had dinner waiting on the table for us. It was incredible. We are so blessed by having a day and a half to rest and be ready for the last two weeks of conferences.

We are looking forward to the conference in Connecticut this evening.

Only for Jesus,


Jesse, tuning Mom’s guitar.



I was talking with two of the ladies who had helped to coordinate the conference. One of their sons (on my left), helped me with some set up.


Anna was helping the boys with the sound system. Remember how we said the boys had done something different last week? Well, what Anna is holding is a part of that new thing :-).


Practicing some songs.


6 thoughts on “Day #18 – Hartford Area, Connecticut”

  1. Hi Teri,

    I know you recently went through a similar experience, so I thought I would ask your prayers. Erin had a baby last Tuesday who is six weeks early. He is having a lot of difficulty and is in NICU on an oscillator vent. I would appreciate your prayers.

  2. Hello!

    I play the mountain dulcimer as well, and I would be grateful if you could tell me about the stand that Mary is using to hold her dulcimer. Something like this would be very helpful for me. I am a wheelchair user, and it is quite difficult to keep the instrument in place while I play.

    Thank you for sharing with us!


    It is an On Stage keyboard stand. I believe it was only $40 and it is VERY sturdy. Bless you.

     In Christ Jesus,


  3. Just checking in on you before we come up tomorrow to Columbus, NJ.
    Many families in South Jersey know of you, but I do not know how many will be coming up. My kids are very anxious to meet the family that made up the way we do scheduling for almost 5 years now. They see it on all the Duggar shows and think it is cool.
    Well, have a safe trip, and we’ll see you tomorrow night.
    God bless,
    Tim and Cheryl

  4. I am so happy to hear an update concerning your trip. I have kept your family in prayer in regards to the getting over the colds as well as it not spreading. I was blessed by the blessing you received in the form of a house to stay in and rest up before heading out once again. I will continue to pray for safe travels and that hearts and homes will be touched and changed for the glory of the Lord!


  5. I can’t believe how different everyone looks now! I was able to meet you in Florida while you were at our church in Sweetwater and the youngest children all look so much older! Our blessings grow up so fast. I’m glad that everything is going well and I pray you continue to have a safe trip till you get all the way home.

  6. Well, it was a long ride home…We had our sister sit for us tonight, and when she left she took the beast for a ride to her home. We think the beast will be happy there. Thanks, Steve.
    God bless,
    Tim and Cheryl


    Praise the Lord! (I hope you have given it away and she isn’t just babysitting him for you. If so, don’t be surprised if he starts begging, whining and demanding to come home. Eventually, he will win.)

    Bless your family. There will be an adjustment time, but God will bless richly and the more time goes by the greater your realization will be of how good and freeing it is and the benefits of being in the Word every day.

    What a joy. Thank you for sharing.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve


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