Day #12 – We’re now in Indianapolis, Indiana

The border crossing to Canada went very smoothly. I had worked to get all the paperwork done I thought we needed to import our books into Canada. The paperwork was approved, and without an inspection of our trailer, they sent us on our way!

This weekend’s conference was such a blessing. It’s always a job to set up for our music, but Joseph, John, and Jesse had worked diligently Friday afternoon. The boys tried a new technique for setting up the sound for suppressing feedback. We felt the sound quality was the best we’ve had yet.

Saturday’s first sessions involved one for the moms, another for the dads, another for the young ladies, and another for the young men. Christopher and I are excited to be able to share with young people in each city. The group Saturday morning seemed quite attentive. One thing I enjoy at each conference is seeing the mommies with their babies. Truly children are a gift from the Lord!

We talked to several families who had driven up to five hours to come to the conference. We are so grateful to each of you who took your weekend to come to the conference. We pray the Lord blesses your family.

We woke up early yesterday morning to get on the road. Coming back into the US was very smooth. We made it 830 miles to our hotel in Indianapolis!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. Truly, we have felt them. This past week, we had two close encounters with almost being hit by a semi-truck. In one case, the driver was talking on a cell phone, and the only place for us to have gone was a cement wall. We are grateful for the Lord’s protection.

On a side note, we did notice some differences in being in Canada versus the United States. One that was rather trivial, but stood out, was the black squirrels! YES! They are actually black. After our raising of Chippy and Chester, we have a special interest in squirrels. It was hard to imagine a squirrel could be black, and although they were cute, Chester is cuter :-).

Five stops down, twelve to go!

Only for Jesus,


Little boy in with his parents at one of our conferences!


A group of some of us girls after the Canada Conference.


Breathtaking scenery as we crossed a bridge over Thousand Islands.


The guys loaded up all the books we left at someone’s house in New York, since we only brought a number of books we thought we’d need in Canada.

6 thoughts on “Day #12 – We’re now in Indianapolis, Indiana”

  1. Hey, I like your blog! Very uplifting. Didn’t have time to read much as I was just passing by but still it is great to see a godly family serving the Lord. We have a family blog, so I can appreciate all the work you put into your site. It is great! God bless!

  2. As American missionaries in Canada, we’ve found crossing into Canada to be much easier than into the US. Maybe because we are Americans living in Canada, it seems that the US border guards are a little more suspicious of us than the Canadians are. We’ve been asked many times why we decided to live in Canada, with an undertone of disbelief that anyone would want to willingly move to Canada! LOL Anyway, I was interested to see your impressions of Canada, our adopted and much beloved homeland. We have black squirrels over here in BC, and I was amazed at first, too! 😉

    I was on your MOMs board many years ago, and I just want you to know that your family is still as much of a blessing to me now as you were then. It’s good to see faithful servants of the Lord *remaining* faithful!

  3. I love following you on your trip by reading your entries! We can’t wait to see you (again) in October in Wisconsin. We will lift you in prayer as you continue on your trip!


    P.S. The squirrels in Wisconsin are black too!! 🙂

  4. Oh, I would have loved to have made the 6 hour drive to come and meet you all! But with a new baby due anytime, we couldn’t come. So glad all is going well with your trip and praise God for His protection. Blessings to you all!!

  5. Waaaaah! I’m so sad that we didn’t know you were going to be in Canada. It would have been a bit of a trip, but it would have been fun to come and see you in Ottawa. Are you planning to do Ottawa again next year around the same time? I would also love to meet some of my online sisters as well some day!


    I’m sorry but we have no plans at this point. Sorry we missed you.

    In Christ Jesus,


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