God Provides

(This is a summary of Watertown, New York, which was last Thursday. Sarah will be posting on Canada soon.)

Our MapQuest directions to the church from our hotel told us to go north on a road that runs east and west. We pulled into a parking lot, saw an employee walking out to the mailboxes, and asked her directions. She paused a long time, and finally said, “I’m heading that way in a couple of minutes, if you’d like to follow me.” After she led us through a maze of construction and roads, we realized why she paused trying to figure out how to tell us to get there. God provided just what we needed to help us just when we needed it.

Although Watertown, New York, is a relatively small town compared to some cities in which we speak, the coordinator did a great job of publicity, because we had a very good-sized group. We were also privileged to meet some friends whom we have known long-distance for several years in addition to new friends as well.

Trusting in Jesus,

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  1. Dear Maxwells…it was such a treasure to finally meet you! I have told many folks how impressed I was with your children’s friendly and JOYful attitudes….and I was pricked with new conviction (in some unexpected areas!) after hearing the session on keeping our children’s hearts. Thanks so much for all you are doing! Prayers for your safety and blessing as you complete your tour…

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