Day #10

Our conferences in Toledo, Ohio and Erie, PA went very well. The ladies at the Erie conference had prepared a dinner for us, which was quite enjoyable after quite a few meals of sandwiches in the van.

We are excited as we see the way the Lord is working. Many tell us that what we are sharing encourages them in the direction the Lord has been taking their family. Others say that what we say challenges them and given them new hope for their families.

Wednesday we were able to take care of a week’s worth of laundry, iron lots of boys’ white shirts, run some errands, catch up on e-mail, and take a family walk on the beach at Presque State Park. The children have also been working hard to complete as much school work on the road as they can so that they will be more available to help with the house.

We are currently in Canada; we’ll comment on that later!

Trusting Jesus,


One thought on “Day #10”

  1. Praise the Lord for the lives that have been encouraged and challenged through your testimony and through the sharing of the truths He has taught you. We continue to pray for you each day and rejoice in the good reports.
    And on the “nitty gritty” side on things, I know as a mom you must have enjoyed getting all those little things taken care of…laundry, ironing, emails ect… I still remember the blessing of being able to use your washer when we stopped by your place last year. The dirty clothes seem to multiply faster than ever when we travel! šŸ™‚
    Tell the children we are proud of them for working on their studies too and to keep up the good work! May the Lord continue to bless all of you as you daily serve our King.

    love and prayers,

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