Looking Forward to Meeting You

We are excited as Thursday approaches and we leave for a long trip out east. Thank you to those who have been praying. We anticipate God working mightily on this trip as the number and severity of pre-trip difficulties would indicate a major moving of our Lord in the hearts of His people. We have found that beginning roughly one month prior to a ministry trip that we are bombarded with problems. It seems that this time it has even been worse than others. It is a very good reminder of the spiritual battle we are in. I don’t often mention it as I don’t want to give glory to Satan. Our Lord Jesus is the One that gets all the glory for working out things that sometime seem impossible and there have been several such things this time.

We love our time on the road ministering and meeting families. (Last year after four weeks on the road, when we returned home after a terrible bout of the stomach flue, the children still wished the trip was longer.) Usually, those who come to our conferences are hungry to be challenged in their roles as parents and their walk with the Lord. We have been praying for months for those whom God will lead to come. We won’t be telling funny stories and entertaining them. Our message is simple, lift up the Lord Jesus Christ in everything as we exhort, challenge and equip families for the task at hand. Our world needs families who are committed to the Lord Jesus and living for Him and discipling their children according to God’s Word.

We look forward to meeting many of you on this trip. Please introduce yourself to us.

God bless.

In Christ Jesus, Steve

A Few Pictures From This Week (From Sarah)


It was important to get the yard planted early this past week, due to our upcoming trip. John worked “overtime” with “Bob” (aka the Bobcat) as he diligently worked to even out the front yard and move dirt around. This was a night shot.


Joseph found this little frog (or toad?) when he was working Monday evening. He carefully took him to a safer place.


The next day, Tuesday, work continued on the yard. Some spent quite awhile picking up rocks from the yard. By late afternoon, it was time to seed! After Dad seeded, the rest of us spread straw. It was a hot job, but it was great working together.


Those aren’t just normal stilts–they are actually designed to help a person sheetrock! It’s quite interesting to watch the person walk with the stilts. Joseph is getting good at it. The guys were excited to screw up their first piece of sheetrock yesterday evening. ~Sarah

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Meeting You”

  1. We’re going to the Harvest Assembly in Chesapeake. I am really excited to see you guys & hear you all play.

    Be safe you all. We’ll keep you in prayers!

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for sharing about the spiritual warfare you are in. Warning one another of the fierceness of the spiritual warfare we are in is Biblical. Remember in Daniel where God tells us how Gabriel was delayed for 21 days by the prince of Persia while bringing an answer to Daniel? All that while Daniel was praying! Satan is powerful. But praise be to God, in Christ we have Jesus Christ’s authority over him. I’ll be praying for you as you come to RI and return. As Peter warned, we need to be vigilant.

  3. Just from interest that is a toad. Frogs have wet skin while toads have dry skin.

    We look forward to seeing you in RI.

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