Fair Week Finale

Thank you for your prayers during this past week. We had a wonderful time of sharing the Lord Jesus Christ with many fair-goers during the county fair. We desired to challenge people to evaluate where they would spend eternity. The exciting part about doing balloon animals/creations as well as drinks is that we had an extended period of time to interact. The “crazy hats” required three or more balloons, and due to the heat, the balloons would often pop while we were handling them. It was fun to look a small child in the eye and ask, “Would you like a little cute balloon animal or a big huge crazy hat?” They frequently choose the “big huge crazy hat.” 🙂 During that time, we would try to bring them to a point of understanding their need of a Savior, and seek to encourage those that were already Christians to evaluate where their walk with the Lord was, or challenge them spiritually however we could.

I could spend alot of time going through how each person contributed and was involved. Melanie was a great blessing and hard worker, she did so much behind the scenes. The Lord has truly blessed me with a diligent, precious wife. John carted drinks in the heat between houses and loaded refrigerators. Everyone went beyond their “comfort” zone to share Christ. Dad and Chris were natural conversationalists with people from all walks, Annie and Sarah handed out drinks, made balloons, and shared Christ. Joseph and John spent time out front offering drinks/balloons to passersby and witnessing as they could. It is amazing how God will gift those within a family for His work.

I haven’t posted evening by evening updates as I wanted this small act of obedience to be done before our Lord (Matthew 6:1-2). He is the audience we are seeking to please. However, we’ve also been grateful for the prayer support and wanted to keep people informed.

Anyone that might be interested in a similar ministry can email us for more information. However, I would caution about first getting a word from the Lord and ensuring His direction. Fairs are places of uninhibited worldliness evidenced by dress (Proverbs 7:10), conduct, and available wares/activities (Pilgrims Progress, http://www.learnthebible.org/c_p_pilgrims_progress_chapter_6.htm). Eyes and hearts must be closely guarded.

We continue to pray that the tracts that are now in so many homes are read and fruit born as a result.

In Christ Jesus,



4 thoughts on “Fair Week Finale”

  1. Can I ask what tracts you chose to use? It has been placed on my heart to have some tracts by our front door to be able to hand out to various people as they stop by the house. It is such a blessing that you were able to go and share the love of Jesus with so many people. God Bless you.

  2. It sounds like the Maxwells were certainly used of the Lord at the fair this year! I love the image of you bending down to look a child in the eye and offering them a wonderful balloon creation:) What a unique way of shedding abroad the love of Christ, and what a perfect opportunity for extended conversation…
    May the Lord continue to bless you in all your endeavors. I pray for you often,

  3. Yes Nathan, you do have a very sweet, special wife (Proverbs 18:22). You both are in our prayers often. What a special way to serve the Lord again together as a family! We prayed for you during the week and will continue to pray that the Lord will give the increase to those seeds that have been planted and watered.

  4. I know this is totally off the subject, but I just wanted to give Teri a big “thank you” for her Corners in the Volume 2 Corners book. I cannot believe how she has read my mind and spoken to my heart. I especially loved the Corner about using traditional textbooks. We have not “officially” started homeschooling yet, as our oldest child is only four years old. Even though we decided to homeschool before our kids were ever born, I have been intimidated by the many homeschool magazines and resources that seem to claim that unit studies or even unschooling are the methods of choice. I was afraid that I just wasn’t creative enough for that, and I always wondered, “what’ is wrong with regular textbooks?” I have had a lot of “book learning”, as I have a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree and a Doctor of Medicine degree, but I still didn’t think I could handle unit studies! It was so refreshing and comforting for Teri to affirm that it is perfectly o.k. to use traditional Christian textbooks, as we plan to use. I was actually beginning to think that we were “weird” for planning to use a Christian textbook curriculum! Thank you so much to Teri for her practical advice and Titus 2 wisdom.

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