An Update on Life

The weather has been very hot, but our guys (and girls!) have had such good attitudes in spite of the unpleasant heat. We are grateful for cooler temperatures now for a few days.

We are just finishing up wiring the house; even Anna and Mary are great wire pullers. We hired out the insulation this week, and it’s amazing to walk through the house and not be able to see someone in the next room. This morning was a big turning point – the “rock” (aka sheetrock) was delivered!

We are a little less than two weeks away from leaving on our East Coast trip. Please pray as we begin preparations. Most of the family has been hit with a cold/flu and some have been pretty sick (including Dad). Please pray for them as they recover. We always find the few weeks before a trip are filled with unexpected trials. We feel that there is definite spiritual warfare because Satan tries to deter us from going where Jesus wants us to be!

We have seventeen different cities we’ll be going to. We’re looking forward to meeting many of you.

Only for Jesus,

John and Retaining Wall

John working at his first attempt to build a retaining wall. Dad said it turned out great!


Mary working on wiring! 🙂


Anna was insulating pipes.

Our Guys

John, Jesse, and Joseph watching the city putting in a water drainage tube.


Joseph was working on light fixtures for the front of the house.


Jesse, showing the wiring that was done.


Coming through a window

Sheetrock coming in through the window!



You might notice the ground looks muddy. We had quite a bit of rain in the night, and then it did rain before the trucks came. Praise the Lord during the time they unloaded sheetrock, it didn’t rain. The rain only began again after they were finished!

Fair Week Finale

Thank you for your prayers during this past week. We had a wonderful time of sharing the Lord Jesus Christ with many fair-goers during the county fair. We desired to challenge people to evaluate where they would spend eternity. The exciting part about doing balloon animals/creations as well as drinks is that we had an extended period of time to interact. The “crazy hats” required three or more balloons, and due to the heat, the balloons would often pop while we were handling them. It was fun to look a small child in the eye and ask, “Would you like a little cute balloon animal or a big huge crazy hat?” They frequently choose the “big huge crazy hat.” 🙂 During that time, we would try to bring them to a point of understanding their need of a Savior, and seek to encourage those that were already Christians to evaluate where their walk with the Lord was, or challenge them spiritually however we could.

I could spend alot of time going through how each person contributed and was involved. Melanie was a great blessing and hard worker, she did so much behind the scenes. The Lord has truly blessed me with a diligent, precious wife. John carted drinks in the heat between houses and loaded refrigerators. Everyone went beyond their “comfort” zone to share Christ. Dad and Chris were natural conversationalists with people from all walks, Annie and Sarah handed out drinks, made balloons, and shared Christ. Joseph and John spent time out front offering drinks/balloons to passersby and witnessing as they could. It is amazing how God will gift those within a family for His work.

I haven’t posted evening by evening updates as I wanted this small act of obedience to be done before our Lord (Matthew 6:1-2). He is the audience we are seeking to please. However, we’ve also been grateful for the prayer support and wanted to keep people informed.

Anyone that might be interested in a similar ministry can email us for more information. However, I would caution about first getting a word from the Lord and ensuring His direction. Fairs are places of uninhibited worldliness evidenced by dress (Proverbs 7:10), conduct, and available wares/activities (Pilgrims Progress, Eyes and hearts must be closely guarded.

We continue to pray that the tracts that are now in so many homes are read and fruit born as a result.

In Christ Jesus,



Fair Midweek Update

This is Fair week for our County. 7-8 Maxwells are there each evening handing out soft drinks, water and making balloon animals/hats. The Lord has blessed the first two evenings. If you think of it, please remember us in prayer each evening for the remainder of the week. We desire to be bold in sharing the gospel and challenging people to contemplate eternity and where they will spend it.

In Christ Jesus,