What’s Been Happening

Another week of house work has ended. Most of the plumbing is done. This week John worked a lot on the gas line. I was called over yesterday to get some pictures of his work (I’m including one below).


(Jesse caulking.)

This morning, Dad and John put up the shutters; what a finishing touch it added to the outside. You might think the house looks ready to move in, but looks can be deceiving. The guys will be starting on wiring.



Chester continues to stick around. She’s always happy to see the family, and regardless of whether she has clean feet (John experienced the aftermath of Chester having fallen into a puddle), she’s ready to climb up you to see where those sunflower seeds are. I took a few pictures of her this afternoon. She’s definitely growing!



As a side encouragement to hand out tracts, I was at Home Depot today with John, Anna, and Mary. We girls were looking around while John found what he needed. I saw a lady sitting on some lawn furniture, obviously waiting. So, I found two tracts and brought them to her. She took them, and then a minute or two later, I walked by and saw she was reading one!

Only for Jesus,

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  1. Please share as much as you can about the house project! We want to build in a few years, and we’re taking this opportunity to glean as much as we can from others. We have another friend building a house, too. But he said he’d do better telling us what not to do. They have apparently had a very rough time. God bless!

  2. How amazing and encouraging. We will probably never build a house, so we have been enjoying your journey.

    And how on earth did you decide to name the squirrel Chester. Thats too funny!



    The kiddo’s named “her” Chester, before they knew a girl’s name would have been more appropriate.

    In Christ Jesus,


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