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We are looking forward to our next East Coast trip, which is about two months away. We still have two open evenings available, September 10th and October 2nd. For the October 2nd evening, we plan to be in Danville, Virginia the night before (October 1st), although we’re awaiting the facility confirmation right now. The weekend we had available, September 14-15th, is scheduled for Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

For our January ’08 West Coast trip, Dad is working on scheduling in the conferences. We will be driving out to California via a southern route: Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. We’d love to do several conferences in California as well. We’re not yet sure which way we’ll return.

If you are interested in coordinating a conference, or your homeschool group might be, please contact us as soon as possible so that Dad can work on the schedule.

Joyfully His,

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Trips”

  1. I think you should take the “real” southern route: Baja California Sur, Mexico 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to you east coast trip!

    And I have been enjoying your posts & pictures of your new home taking place. Its not just a home, but a life you are all building. Truly a blessing to experience.

    Continue to be a blessing ~madeleine

  3. Are any trips being planned to the Houston, Texas, area?


    No conferences are scheduled, but we likely will be passing through on our way west in Jauary.


  4. I am enjoying your blog! I would love to hear more about Christopher and his courtship. How does a long distant courtship work? After they have approval from both families do they email, write, make phone calls, visit each other in their family homes?

    We plan on having our children have courtship and would love to hear more about how it works from someone who is walking through it.



    After marriage would be a good time to write more.

    In Christ Jesus,


  5. Be careful traveling to Canada…make sure you have brith certificates for all of the kids if you do not have passports. We were harrassed by border patrol last weekend returning from a fun weekend in Winnipeg. A horrible way to end a trip!

    We have applied for passports and have proof of application since they won’t be completed by then. I seem to remember that the proof said that would be acceptable in the meantime.

    I’m sorry you had a problem and thank you for the caution.

    In Christ Jesus,


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