The Work Continues

Dad and several of the children worked on copper for the new house today. Anna was Dad’s helper – getting him anything that he needed along with cleaning pipes, etc. Joseph and John worked with the plumbing too. Jesse was an “odds and end” man. When I came over to take some pictures late this afternoon, Jesse graciously helped me up to the house with using two boards; we stood on one, and he put the next one out for us to get on. It has rained quite a bit the last few days, which makes a mud mess in the yard and “driveway”. While I was in the house, Jesse contrived another way, scrap pieces of wood going down the “driveway”.

Dad has such an incredible spirit as he preserves and works through challenges on the house. It’s amazing how each step takes longer than you really think it would. 🙂

Joyfully His,


Anna and Dad working together.


Anna cleaning a pipe.


Joseph working


The creative (and resourceful!) way Jesse designed to get down the “mud driveway.”

One thought on “The Work Continues”

  1. I am laughing as I look at the driveway! My husband has concrete blocks going from our back door to the chicken pen! It had been a mud hole and it was stealing my joy to traipse through muck to take care of the chickens. Such a happy family and lovely smiles!! EVERYTHING always takes LONGER than it should!! If you remember that before you tackle a large project such as remodeling, pray to the Lord and press on…

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