On to the Refrigerator

The girls and I figured out that it took us 8 woman hours to polish the cabinets. We completed them with our project time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – only working a half hour on Wednesday.

This morning we decided to tackle the refrigerator. It gets cleaned during our Christmas school break and during the summer except for taking care of occasional spills that happen in between. Mary started on the outside and then moved to the refrigerator door. Anna cleaned the freezer portion and finished up with the bottom of the refrigerator. I worked in the main part of the refrigerator. When one of us was washing a shelf or drawer in the sink, the other two would be working at the refrigerator. The whole task was accomplished in 45 minutes by the three of us – 2 woman hours and 15 minutes.

I used to feel a bit guilty if I asked the girls to help me with these kinds of projects. The Lord has shown me how beneficial this work is for the girls, and therefore caused me to see it as a blessing in their lives rather than a negative. They are learning to enjoy working. They are being prepared for a future role as a wife, mother, and homemaker. In addition, we have time together and a clean refrigerator that the family notices and comments on.

Trusting in Jesus,




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  1. Thank you for the precious look into your summer projects with the girls and for sharing your heart as well. Teri, I am blessed each time I read about the way the Father leads you to care for your family and your homemaking. You are a joy and an encouragement – how I thank God for that blessing 🙂 Have a lovely summer!

  2. We also clean the fridge at least twice a year. There are no occasional spills here…it’s all the time!! Only my oldest two are old enough to help. My youngest likes to think she’s helping, but you know how that is. I’m not sure they look at it as a enjoyable, though. Do you think it will grow on them? Today, when I told my 8 yod to clean the counters and mirrors in the bathrooms, she said “Again? I just did that last week.” Umm, yeah. Welcome to my world.

  3. Teri,
    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful summer project ideas. Though my children are younger I deal with guilt for making them work rather than play with their friends. I appreciate your encouragement in making me realize that though my children will have friends, it is my duty to grow them in Godly adults who are responsible. What a great encouragement and you have given me some wonderful ideas on how to keep little hands from becoming idle. God bless you.

  4. I see you use the Clean Team supplies. I have used their book and supplies for years, and love it. You have inspired me to train our children using Mr. Campbell’s methods. On another note, I am currently reading Spring with the Moodys to our younger children ages 8, 7 and 5. We just got to the part where the babies are born and my children got sooooo excited! I’ve used Manager’s of Their Homes with great success over the past several years. I’m now re-reading it and again getting a lot of good ideas. I thank the Lord for your family blessing mine.

  5. Teri,

    After reading the blog the other day about polishing the kitchen cabinets, I re-evaluated our summer so far. I wasn’t sure I liked what I recalled!! I very quickly made a list of things I would like to see done during the next month of summer. My schedule has been in place – and I found my “half-hour a day” in it to work on these projects. I am so excited!! Your words about having “no regrets after summer was over” just keep ringing in my head. The girls and I revamped the bathroom cabinets and closet, as well as the linen closet in the hall today to make room for our sewing supplies. What a blessing to have it all neat, organized, and handy!! The fellowship was priceless. Thank you for the blessing of your words. You are a continual encouragement to me. Thank you.


  6. I enjoy your updates as they come on your blog. I truly believe in a family working together. I have to as, ” What are the aprons you and the girls are wearing?” I noticed them when you were cleaning the cabinets together. Have a great day!!!!

  7. The aprons are our cleaning aprons from Jeff Campbell’s web-site: http://www.thecleanteam.com/productdetail.cfm?id=books
    A couple of years ago, we studied his book Speed Cleaning together. We purchased the apron and some of his cleaning supplies as part of our class. We have liked using the aprons when we clean. It keeps our supplies handy and with us.
    Trusting in Jesus,
    Teri Maxwell

  8. I’m learning so much from reading your blog. I hope you continue to share with us about projects you’re doing this summer. It’s very helpful!

  9. Thank you, Teri, for sharing your summer activities with us!! Last week, I felt it was necessary to “spring clean” my home. I spent several hours each afternoon after schoolwork….and did the kitchen cabinets too! But I did forget about the refrigerator. The last time I thoroughly cleaned it was during the Christmas holidays….so I should probably do that next week!! It has been peaceful knowing that now since the heavy-duty areas have been cleaned….that cleaning them now is a breeze!!

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