Summer Blizzard, But We’re Here!

Hurrying out of the hotel this morning, we found the temperature was quite cold, and it was definitely windy. As we drove, the wind was quite stiff, with gusts over 60 mph. Probably about two hours down the road, we hit a blizzard. Yes, a blizzard in Wyoming in June! With the wind and snow, it made for very interesting road conditions. Dad did a wonderful job handling the van and trailer in the difficult situation. We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection! We’re looking forward to the conference this weekend. For now, we’ll be having family devotions and then off for a good night’s rest.

Only for Jesus,



This was taken at the beginning of the snow storm!

7 thoughts on “Summer Blizzard, But We’re Here!”

  1. Wow! A June blizzard!! We live in Utica Nebraska, about 45 minutes northeast of Lincoln and 15 minutes straight East of Seward, we were listening to that wind howl all day yesterday and thinking of you all on the road! It has done quite a bit of damage here in our little village, I’m glad that you all made it safely to Wyoming. I just started reading your blog this last month and have really enjoyed your entire site. I’m actually from your area! I was born and raised in Leavenworth! Small world isn’t it? My mother and all of her side of my family still reside there. Well, safe travels to you all, and we pray for God’s movement at your next convention!!

  2. The Lord definitely had his hand on you….

    WYDOT advised no light trailers on Interstate 80 between Walcott Junction and Laramie and north of Cheyenne on Interstate 25 because of high winds.

    The state Highway Patrol reported six accidents where tractor-trailer trucks or trailers being pulled by vehicles were blown over in southeast Wyoming.

    Mike, Amen, the good news is the books make for a heavy trailer 🙂 It was an incredible drive!


  3. Man I miss Wyoming. I lived in Cheyenne for eight years, and I really do miss it. I think the heat index was over a 100 here in Charleston, SC again today. I hope to see you back in SC again soon.

    May the Lord’s blessings continue to follow you!!!

    Hank O


    I understand what you are saying. It is absolutely beautiful out here. Our hearts could be so easily drawn to this area, but we know God has us in Kansas for a purpose. We’ll be back out east in September, but for now I don’t think we are coming to SC. Maybe next time.

    God bless.


  4. All I can think of when I look at that photo of snow in June is how awesome God’s power is. It can be in the 90s here in SC and be snowing where you are. WOW!
    I will pray that you continue to have safe travels.

  5. When I was a young girl we traveled from Iowa to Washington State taking a detour through Wyoming. The weather was always different. Beautiful country when you can see it.
    I am thankful for the traveling mercies the Lord provided for your family. I am one of those who was truly blessed by your time in Boise. My husband was out of the state and unable to attend. He too is very thankful for the incredible impact your words have had and will have in our families life. The Lord encouraged us through you and affirmed many of the decisions we had already made. Last but not least. We have a beast upstairs and unplugged in the corner. It has only come to life twice during our 12 years of marriage. Unfortunatlely any life at all was too much!!!! We will be removing it permanently once again. I hope that many others will follow as well. Thank you again for being the light in the darkness!!!! Love , Randi S.


    We too were greatly blessed by our tme with you all in Boise. We were greatly encouraged by the receptive hearts of those who attended. We praise the Lord for your courage and getting rid of the beast.

    In Christ Jesus,


  6. Wow!!!

    Looking at that snow through your windshield sure does
    make me grateful to live in Florida. You will be in our prayers
    as you travel. Sure hope you brought your winter coats..


  7. I just read the comments in your blog about your trip through Wyoming during the storm last week. I am thankful you all made it safely. We live here in Laramie and that stretch of I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie can be really dangerous and my heart goes out to travelers on these Wyoming roads. They can be quite dangerous especially since most people don’t set out on a trip expecting to encounter winter driving conditions in June. LOL. My husband was traveling on that road to look at a job in Cheyenne that same day and by 2:00 we had snow coming down so fast, I was afraid they would close the road and he wouldn’t be able to get back to Laramie. I was on the phone praying with my neighbor for his safe return home that afternoon. I couldn’t imagine the stress you felt having to drive through that and pull a trailer. I am thankful for God’s protection for all of you during that storm. We only ended up with 3 inches of snow but the winds made it seem like we were getting quite a bit more. I am glad you are home safe now.



    Amen, we are home and it was a beautiful drive today. No snow on that stretch yesterday as it was beautiful then as well. We even had a wonderful tail wind that helped up some of those long hills. Good weather or bad, God is good.

    We should have waved as we passed through your area 🙂

    In Christ Jesus,


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