Across the Wind-Driven Plains

We left around 7 a.m. this morning, a little earlier than normal, as Dad decided we ought to get a start because of the weather conditions. It was expected to be very windy. As we drove across Nebraska, the 45 mph gusts were definitely buffeting the van and trailer. Early to mid-afternoon, though, the wind calmed down (to about 25 mph) –which was such a blessing. We’re spending the night in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and while Dad was pumping diesel, he was amazed at the gusts of wind! The wind is expected to be even stronger tomorrow morning (supposedly even up to 60 mph!), but after we get through Laramie, Wyoming, the wind should be calming down. Please pray for Dad as he drives and for protection. 

We are grateful for your prayers as we travel and prepare for the conference Friday and Saturday. We’ll be arriving in the Boise, Idaho, area tomorrow night, Lord willing!

Sarah for all the rest

5 thoughts on “Across the Wind-Driven Plains”

  1. My prayer to you and your family for a safe driving.


    THank you so much. It was so appreciated today as it was very difficult driving.

    In Christ Jesus,


  2. To All:

    God bless you on your journey. I really enjoy reading your blog. Please keep writing and posting.



  3. Thank you for keeping us updated! We so enjoyed the pictures on the previous post too. We will be praying especially for your safety today and tomorrow. We remember VERY well driving that same route with our van pulling the travel trailer. Daniel says he remembers how his hands ached at times from holding the wheel tight and steady for so long. So we will pray for the Lord’s gracious protection and that He will again mightly use you for His glory.

  4. What a familiar drive! We have gone this same route several times. May the Lord bless you and keep you in His arms as you travel to Boise.

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