Conference Report

This past weekend’s conference in Wichita was such a blessing! Thursday afternoon, we arrived in town. Several volunteers helped cart all of our things into the exhibit hall. After that, while the family worked on setting up the booths, Christopher and I were able to share for about an hour with the young people who were going to be doing the children’s program. That night, as our family sat around in a hotel room, someone mentioned the idea of a walk along the river and also to look at an old sailboat on display near the river. Dad decided we had time before we had our family devotions.


(Dad’s not in the picture as he took it :-).)

The conference went well Friday, and then Friday evening, we did our family music session. Our desire was that our music would allow families to see the potential of their family working together. We may post a MP3 recording of a song or two from the evening soon.


Mary playing the psaltery.


Jesse taking a turn at the bass.




Mom was sharing a testimony.





Thank you for your prayers for this conference. The Lord truly worked in the hearts of those attending. We will be leaving Wednesday morning for the Idaho convention. We are excited to be heading out West again.

Oh, a fun side note, after we had finished up lunch on Sunday afternoon, I looked out in the backyard, and noticed a squirrel in my grandparents’ tree. The squirrel seemed small, too small to be Chippy. I hurried outside and was delighted to see that this was really Chester! How did she get to Chippy’s tree (sorry Chippy)? I called for her, and she scrambled over, up the chain link fence, and onto me, happily squeaking and chattering. It was enough to melt your heart. I snapped a few pictures today as Anna fed her. I guess she’s enjoying her new spot, much closer to us. Chester’s original tree had been out near the new house, but somehow she’s decided to come closer to us. Her fur has now turned smooth and sleek, and she’s just a delightful little creature!




No doubt about it, she loves sunflower seeds!


Just to show how much Chester has changed, the above picture was taken three weeks ago.



6 thoughts on “Conference Report”

  1. Glad the conference went well! I just wanted to let you know that I am loving your two new books! I read “Spring with the Moody’s” first (yes, I am 31 years old, and I have read all four books in the series and love them – my kids are actually too little for them yet!). I am now reading the second “Corners” book, and I feel as if Teri has totally read my mind and heart with her words. It is amazing that she touches on exactly what I need. She is a true “Titus 2” woman! Thank you for keeping us posted about the goings-on of your lovely family. I always enjoy reading your blog.

  2. so happy to hear the conference went so well. i keep your family in my prayers. praying that someday you are able to come even a little more west, and come to western washington. it would be a blessing to hear and meet your family.
    blessings, mrs. mari

    Mrs. Mari,

    I will be mentioning in the Corner next week that we have been invited to CA in January of 08. We will see if we have other invitations on the west coast. Who knows, maybe even up to WA.

    In Christ Jesus,


  3. Wow, it looks like the confrence was wonderful… I hope to see you all in person someday. 🙂
    It is amazing what a good diet can do for a critter…

  4. I was wondering if you might be willing to share something. This is not meant to be argumentative, but a sincere question. I am really struggling with how God can be good. Your son and daughter in law want children so badly and will probably make wonderful, loving parents. They waited and prayed for 4 long years for a baby all the while being faithful to God, and then the baby dies. I can only imagine how excited they were. It seems like such a cruel joke to me, especially when God gives people children that are awful parents. How can you call God good? I don’t understand.

    Dear Anonymous,

    Not a problem. I didn’t sense a wrong spirit in your asking. I’m sure books have been written on this subject, but as best I can in a few words:

    God created a perfect world in the Garden. Satan offered man sin and man chose it over God. Therefore sin entered the world and will be a part of this world until the end age. God could wipe out sin granted and He will later, but until then we have death, sickness and sorrow. Because of these we appreciate all the more the goodness of our Lord.

    Only the Lord could use Susannah’s brief life and death and make it something very precious. Through the time of such grief the Lord’s peace and comfort was so real. It is the refiner’s fire that purifies gold.

    The Lord used Teri’s depression in her life and mine as a refiner’s fire. None of us wanted it, but God uses all sorrow for good. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).  

    I hope that helps.

    In Christ Jesus,


  5. How about Eastern Washington, too??? We are in North Idaho and we SOOO wanted to drive to Boise, 8 hrs., but it didn’t work out. We will be praying for the convention, and hoping to attend a seminar or homeschool convention in the future. We love the blog and are encouraged by it. So thankful to see Melanie looking so well. We still pray for them.Traveling mercies!

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