Chester Update

Chester appears to be enjoying her tree and will sometimes treat us by coming down. You’ll find pictures below!

Here she is, advancing down the tree. Before she really starts down, she’ll often stretch her little paws and yawn!



Now, she’s about to jump onto Anna.



 Chester definitely enjoys sunflower seeds.


Here she perches on Anna’s and my hands.

Joyfully His,


5 thoughts on “Chester Update”

  1. Ummm, Little Chester appears to need a toenail clip.

    I love your love of her. You are such good parents. I love the story of Steve and Christopher. What a hysterical squirrel. Such a wonderful experience for your family.

    Take care, all!

  2. Very cute pics…we can’t do it here at NJ and there are plenty of squirrels here.

  3. What great pictures!! I agree, it is a wonderful experience for your family. Oh, we are LOVING Spring with the Moodys!!!

    Blessings to your family!

  4. Mrs. Kim,

    I’m glad you all are enjoying Spring! I was excited to hear feedback :-). Can you believe I changed one of the twins’ names at the last minute? It just didn’t sound right!


  5. Aww….What a wonderful God we have as His very creation…each and every creature…shows His amazing handiwork!
    I’m getting LOTS of exercise this week…I think I’ve walked down to the post office every day this week as the children eagerly await “Spring” to arrive. Of course the littlest tikes want to come along, usually tucker out about half way there, and Timothy and I get to carry them the rest of the way. Daniel laughs at me when I get home all hot and sweaty and teases, “The Proverbs 31 woman ‘strengtheneth her arms.” 🙂 I know our afternoon post office run will soon turn into a great after lunch read. 🙂

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