Susannah’s Life in Pictures

A few days ago, I was unloading flowers from my car after Susannah’s graveside service. On my last trip to the car, I noticed a long, slender, closed lily flower had broken from the stem and was lying on the floor of my car. I picked it up, not sure what to do with it. As I looked at it, a thought crept into my mind that said, “Hmmm, a flower just like Susannah–beautiful, but will never bloom.” I know God had a purpose for Susannah Joy’s life, but little doubts can creep in sometimes. I left the flower in the yard for lack of a better idea.

Saturday, as I was walking through my yard, my gaze was caught by a fully open, beautiful and delicate, lily flower lying in the grass. It was the same one I had discarded only a day before. It had “bloomed.” It was like God showed me again that little Susannah had bloomed. She was here for the perfect amount of time for His purposes.

I wanted to share her slide-show with you. These pictures were scrolling on a screen at the funeral home after people exited the chapel.  A little unconventional probably, but we wanted visitors to see her life. Joseph helped prepare it for posting to the blog. You’ll need a Shockwave plug-in to view it. ( and look for the “Get AdobeFlashPlayer” icon.)

  • When you start it, you’ll see controls in the upper right that will allow you to manually advance each picture, or set it to auto-advance. The music you’re hearing is Susannah’s Lullaby written and composed for her by Joseph. It’s played and sung by a number of the Maxwells.
  • In the pictures, you will see Susannah, myself and Melanie, my parents (my mom holding Susannah and my dad participating in a little prayer service), Melanie’s parents, and Susannah’s tallest uncle. In the prayer service “Elder,” a gentleman in the Maxwell’s Families for Jesus Fellowship, came to the hospital to pray for her.
  • You will also notice a number of Bradford Pear tree pictures. When we left the hospital without our little Susannah, we noticed that spring had arrived and that the Bradford Pears were in bloom. The Lord provided this little blessing for us as our hearts mourned the loss of Susannah. We will never see another blooming Bradford Pear without remembering our Susannah Joy.

Susannah Joy’s Life in Pictures:

Susannah Joy's Slideshow and Lullaby
Susannah Joy's Slideshow and Lullaby


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  1. My prayers go out to you and I am encouraged by your courage and peace. 2 weeks ago, my then 23 week old unborn baby was diagnosed with a rare lung tumor. I too am officially “high risk”. His prognosis changes often and his situation is hit and miss. He has a rare condition called Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation. I too recognize that God may have a similar path for us. I’m praising Him for His testimony in your lives. God is already using it to encourage another.
    Much love,

  2. These pictures just brought me to tears. I thought of you today as at a Bible study we were asked to share a loss that impacted our lives. Alot of ladies shared the loss of a child but their testimony was the comfort they have that one day they will be reunited and that thier babes rest in the arms of Jesus now. I pray for you Melanie and Nathan during this time that you will be comforted:-)

  3. Dear Nathan and Melanie,
    As you endure this time of intense saddness, I wish to thank you so much for sharing Susannah Joy’s life with us. Your words, pictures, and song have blessed my family and me! I pray that you will continue to experience the comfort and healing for your hurting hearts that only our Lord Jesus provides. I pray that as you draw close to our Heavenly Father that you will also draw close to one another.
    Love and blessings,
    Amy–in Michigan

  4. I am so sorry, please accept my prayers for you and Melanie in this difficult time. While I know Jesus holds her tight-and that for her, it will just be a heartbeat before she sees you again in heaven-I also know a little of the pain you as must be feeling. God is weeping with you in your time of loss…and He is here with you to hold you close.

    All love and prayers from my family to yours from our home in California.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your daughter in this difficult time. She is beautiful, God truly blessed you with a treasure. We will continue to pray for your family.

  6. I just wanted to say this is the first I’ve heard about your experience
    and I am so very sorry; I was in tears reading all the posts! I can
    relate so well as we also lost a precious baby girl at birth (she lived
    half an hour) ten years ago on April 6th. After many hours of on and
    off labour we had to have a C-section. We still did not know that
    anything was wrong with the baby, but we had an idea as I too had
    an excess amount of amniotic fluid. As we waited for the surgery
    my husband had a vision of an angel standing by my bed holding the
    baby. He knew then that she would not live, but still had hope.
    God gave us His grace and strength throughout the entire ordeal and
    we were able to minister to others through it too. It changed me, not
    all for the better, and it is still sometimes a struggle, but we always
    trust God.
    It might encourage you to know I have had three healthy beautiful
    children since, and had three before. So don’t be discouraged.
    After the pain has lessened somewhat, and Melanie’s body has
    regained its strength, a new baby will be like a healing balm to
    your soul. It was that for me.
    Your pear blossoms are like our crocuses. They remind us of our
    little Kyrah as they are in bloom during her birthday. We always
    put them on her grave on her birthday.
    You will be in my prayers for your healing,

  7. I heard about your family a few days before coming to your website. It was the day that Susannah Joy was born. Since that day you and your family have touched my life in ways that I cannot even begin to tell you. You all were in my thoughts and prayers on countless occasions. It truley is a gift from above and I will give all the glory to our Father in Heaven that you all have come into my life and changed me, through Him. I have been seeking the Lord and his ways but not like I do today since coming to your website. The Lord’s voice is very distinct. I am a homeschooling mother, wife, sister in Christ. I was saved 11 years ago, but feel like I have been saved again. Thank you for sharing the life of your beautiful daughter. She is precious. I will continue to pray for you all. And let me tell you there are many blooming Bradford trees here!!

  8. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. My family and I will continue to pray for you all.

  9. And I thought it was tough having a child that was “different”. After I read and saw the slideshow I realized that God made my child “different/special” for a reason. I just haven’t taken the time to realize how I am blessed until now. This has definitely been a wake up shout for me! I am sorry that you are having to go through this, but your experience has wakened me. You are in my prayers!


  10. Dear Nathan and Melanie,

    Again, my heartfelt thanks for sharing your pictures of Susannah Joy, and her beautiful life. As a family, we sat and watched the slide show tonight (with many tears for your loss), and read the words of Joseph’s wonderful lullaby for Susannah Joy. What a beautiful tribute to her, the Lord, and your love for her. I know you must be so grateful that the Lord inspired Joseph to write that. He did a wonderful, and touching job. I can only imagine the tears that might have dropped while family members played it. I know you will miss Susannah every day, and we pray for the Lord’s comfort and care over you.

    Your story has touched even our 3 year old’s heart, as she sat watching Susannah Joy over and over tonight, and crying for her loss. It gave us a great occasion to talk about Heaven with her, and the fact that she has two siblings waiting for us when we get there. So, thank you for that discussion with her.

    I was deeply touched by your story about the lily. When we had our second daughter, we searched baby name books and the Lord led us to the name “Lily” for her. I was interested in the meaning of the name then, and when I read your story today, I knew I had to share this with you. Although some books differ about meanings, I was struck to find that the name “Lily” (spelled as the flower, not as “Lilly” with 2 “l’s”) is from the same “family” of names as “Susannah” and “Susan.” While Susannah means trusting, it also has the meaning of “Pure,” which is the meaning that “Lily” has. I think you may know where I am going with this….but if you take the name “Susannah,” and translate the meaning of the name to the meaning it shares with “Lily”..and then add it to Susannah’s middle name, then you have “Pure Joy.” Isn’t God good…?

    With love for you all,

    Sarah, for all in our family

  11. I am praying for God’s sustaining grace for you all in this time. How wonderful to know that our sovereign God is in control!

  12. We mourn with you in the loss of Susannah Joy. We pray that our precious Lord and Savior will continue to comfort you and bring healing to your hearts. May you continue to give HIM glory and honor and praise! You are in our prayers.

  13. N &M: Your pictures evoke different emotions that seem very personal to each of us that read this blog. The one thing that strikes me though is the starkness in contrast between life and death AND your focus on life. I know the grief you feel is the absence of your wee one but it doesn’t seem to be grief over death itself. You made such an effort to focus on life and the life of a tiny human being. I think that is so neat and couragious of you not to dwell on death and in a sense die yourselves. You’ve chosen to live in all respects. I commend you for being a testimony even in your hour of darkness. I know you’d rather be holding your daughter than being a courageous testimony. However, just know God is using you to glorify Him. The roads we don’t choose often have the most awesome sights along the way. I really pray this is true for you and God and adds other arrows to your quiver as you choose to live and keep traveling on this road he has chosen for you.

  14. Your story has affected me deeply and I want to thank you for the way you’ve given testimony to God’s comfort and grace through the valley.

  15. Nathan and Melanie
    My husband and I do not know you but our hearts are connected through love and our prayers for you as we feel your pain so closely. Our son, Geoffrey Saul, who we held in our arms for only a short time rests too in Jesus’ arms. My husband and I watched the slideshow of Susannah Joy and wept as we felt the pain all over. We know the feelings of sorrow, empty arms, and pain, but also the love and grace of God and His beautiful plan. It is such a hard place and we know God will show you so many things because of her sweet, precious life. It will change you forever and little Susannah’s life will have such an impact on so many people–despite how short her life was here. It is amazing how a life lived here on earth for such a short time can have such an impact on people’s lives for years and years to come. You both will talk of her and let her life be known and her life will change others’–no life God creates is insignificant–we are the one’s who put “time limits” on what we think is a “long” and “significant” life. Her life will be long and can be used of God to change others just as much as someone who lives here on earth for many years. It will make you so proud as parents and mean so much to you as you see her life touch others and change others over the years. You will see God’s plan and how He can use any life for His glory–just in a different way. Susannah Joy will touch so many for His kingdom! You will just smile.

    Through the long hours I found journaling helped me–especially as the woman, feeling the emptiness of being a new mother, I could write down my feelings and just “talk” about everything swimming around in my head that other’s may not have the time to stop and listen to. I could just write it down, the feelings were “out”, it felt good to acknowledge the feelings and then I could move on another step. The other, and more important factor, was reading my Bible to just reiterate over and over God’s truths so that they were very real to me when many times I just felt so numb.

    May you know that we are praying for your hearts and minds very specifically for what you are facing emotionally, physically, and spiritually and what you will continue to face. It is a long road but, 2 years down that road we can testify to our lives changed and more committed and closer to God in a way that is amazing. We too never wanted to have to walk this road but this was the road God brought for us and He walked through it with us and has carried us each step of the way. It is STILL a healing process. It is ONLY by His wonderful grace! With much prayer and deepest, heartfelt sympathy, JoJeanne and Dale (Davison, Mi) Please feel free to email me anytime.

  16. I am so very sorry for your loss! In September, our first son went to be the Lord, before we could even get to know him. We have 5 beautiful daughters, but losing a child is difficult, no matter how many children God has already gifted one family with. But God is soooo very faithful, and those arms you feel around you now, will remain, just as He said He would. I kept coming back to Psalm 84 where it says, “Blessed are those who dwell in Your house; they are ever praising You.” and “Better is one day in your courts, than a thousand elsewhere….” what a wonderful thing! Of course I dearly miss our sweet Callum, my mother’s heart aches with missing him, but this has also made it so very clear that everything God promises is true, and when you’re walking through the valley He never leaves, because He is who He says He is. My 11 year old daughter wrote a poem, I’d like to share with you:

    Before We Said Hello

    He was just too special to stay with us below
    So we had to say goodbye before we said hello

    He will know no pain because God has called him home
    So we have learned to say goodbye, before we said hello

    If Christ has received you, you may already know
    That saying goodbye is just for now
    So we may later say hello.

    May our Awesome God be ever present with you both, as He guides you through the valley and comforts you. Thank you so very much for your generosity in sharing your beautiful daughter with us! May He richly bless you all……Blessings…
    Only Because of Jesus,

  17. I have just become aquainted with your family’s work and your sweet Susannah. My heart goes out to you. May the Lord bless you with peace and assurance of His love.

  18. Nathan and Melanie,

    I just read of your recent sorrows with Susannah Joy. I hardly know what to say. May you take the time you need to heal and grow. Our God is good and faithful, yet at times the road is dark.

    May you find him in the dark times.

    Bless you both.

  19. thank you so much for sharing Sasannah with us. You and your family are in our prayers.
    God Bless.


  20. Susannah is absolutely adorable!! What a little cutie.

    May God bless you and keep you.

    Love, Teri B

  21. Nathan and Melanie,
    There’s probably nothing new that I could say but I would still like to tell you a few things.
    I am only someone who is on your email list. I received the enewsletter today and, for the first time, found out the very sad news of the loss of your daughter.
    My husband and I have three little girls, ages 7, 5 and 4. Their names are:
    Anna, Suzanne and Megan. (My grandmother’s name was Susanna.) Their beginnings were not perfect, especially for our first and third child, but nothing in comparison to a loss. And they are all fine now with only a small need or two for prayer.
    I saw a couple of the pictures of your Susannah Joy and remember holding my newborn babies. I am glad that you were able to hold her and give her your love. Somehow I believe that now she must know all about you and the love that you gave. You really did cherish her and her life. May God preserve your memories of her and the beautiful moments that you had. Just to gaze upon her must have been awesome. She was beautiful.
    I pray that God will comfort you and keep you strong in your daily lives and in your relationship with Him.
    Love, In Jesus Christ,

  22. We are so very sorry to hear of your loss this morning. May the God of all comfort, comfort you. There is no choking wave of sorrow that He does not feel, for He is “touched with the feeling of our infirmities” (Heb.4:15). “For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee” (Is.41:13)…“Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted” (Mat.5:4). Praying for you…
    The M Family

  23. “Be still, my soul: The Lord is on thy side
    Bear patiently the cross of grief and pain.
    Leave to thy God to order and provide;
    In every change He faithful will remain.
    Be still, my soul: thy best, thy heavenly Friend
    Through thorny ways leads to a joyful end”.

    Katharina von Schlegel
    ( Jane J. Borthwick)

  24. Dear Maxwell family:
    I do not think the idea of showing slides was unconventional at all! I think it showed a celebration of the gift of life. We did the same thing at my dad’s funeral, but we put pictures together with music and had a video company assemble it into a dvd that played. Many people from diff. times in his life were able to cherish their own memories with him. Your pain and your loss is so great . . . may the Lord continue to heal Melanie’s body and comfort all of your hearts! I am sorry for your lost, but encouraged by your testimony. In Christ, Vicki P. in Michigan

  25. Bless you all. I too just lost my baby girl Joy. Although she died in the womb and delivered already passed. God is always Faithful even when we are not. I have learned much from my experience. Learning of your Susannah Joy brings me that much closer. May you be aware God is always with you.

  26. I am deeply moved by your courage and your abiding faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Your tribute to Susannah Joy is beautiful. I pray that the Lord will continue to sustain you through this terrible loss. May God bless you all.

  27. May God continue to sustain you and your family. Susannah’s pictures are so touching, so delicate. Be comforted in knowing her heavenly father is allowing that precious little one to blossom in His kingdom, free from any frailties. I’ll be praying for you.

  28. Praise the Lord for the few days you had with your beautiful Susannah Joy! I am so glad that the Lord gave you oporunity to meet your little Susannah and to have pictures of your short time together.

    Your slide show and the song that Joseph wrote are so precious. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. What a blessing Susannah has been to our family; she has taught us so much. We serve a mighty God who is real. Thank you for sharing your difficult journey with us. The Lord be praised for the work He is doing in the midst of your grief.

    Susannah truly has bloomed in your lives and in countless others. Praise His holy name!

  29. Dearest Maxwell family,

    My heart greives for your loss. I will continue to pray for Melanie’s recovery and for the Lord to heal your hearts. I am so encouraged by your faith testimony. God Bless!

  30. Nathan and Melanie- Thank you. The pictures are so precious, and what a beautiful song for a beatiful baby girl. Thank you.

  31. I was touched by Susannah’s slideshow. ( I had a Christian acquaintance whose son died of brain cancer and she said that most people couldn’t believe that she wanted more children after that. But she said after experiencing her son’s death, it made life even more precious and she realized what a gift it was. I thought that was such a sweet response.) I pray that God would continue to strengthen all of you and allow you to be a testimony to others of God’s sustaining grace.

    God bless,
    Darlene B in TX

  32. I can’t understand why someone would want to share their lives with others as you do, especially while grieving. But I want to thank you for doing so. God is bringing glory to His name in the way you are walking through this valley. His light is shining so brightly in you that I’m certain non-believers can’t help but notice the difference. The lyrics and music to the lullaby was very beautiful. Thank you again for sharing.

  33. Dear Maxwells,

    Your testimonies and pictures are a priceless testimony and give God the glory for all that pertains to life. I include the words to a song written for my brother/sister-in-law when they lost their first baby…for a time.


    Little one so dearly loved, yet known from just our hearts
    Our wounded souls we offer Him alone
    To the Giver of all life and breath, Father of light and love,
    The Sovereign Lord sees fit to take you home

    Now you can sing with the angels, walk with the Lord
    Soar upon the wings of Heaven–praising evermore
    Now you will know more deeply the love and endless grace
    You are basking in the presence of our Jesus face to face

    From where we stand our vision’s blurred
    In vain we try to seek the purpose of our God on this cruel earth
    But in our weakness he is strong, our faith is not undone.
    Through our tears he shines a hope rebirthed

    Because you sing with the angels, walk with the Lord
    Soar upon the wings of Heaven–praising evermore
    Now you will know more deeply the love and endless grace
    You are basking in the presence of our Jesus face to face

    And though we long to hold you and love you in this world
    We know that you are resting in his arms
    Soon we’ll join the chorus of heavenly anthems raised
    Side by side with you our Lord we’ll praise!

    And we will sing with the angels, walk with our Lord
    Soar upon the wings of Heaven–praising evermore
    And we will know more deeply the love and endless grace
    We will bask in the presence of our Jesus face to face

  34. She is such a beautiful angel. We are all in tears now. You will remain in our prayers for a long time.

  35. Dear Teri and family,

    For some reason, one week ago, I went to your board after not having any contact for several years now. I was saddened to see the heartbreak you and all of yours have gone through. I am amazed to see Nathan, that wildly energetic boy from so many years ago, as a mature man confronting one of the biggest heartaches a parent could go through. I have shared with my parents also and we and they both send their prayers of encouragement to you and to your mom and dad as well.

  36. We mourn with you at the loss of your precious girl. May God comfort you and bring you through this time of sadness into a joyful morning. We will be praying for you. God Bless.

  37. In the beautiful slide show, my husband and I were struck by the peace on your faces. Even though you knew when those pictures were taken that the outcome would be very different than your hopes, you still had peace. That is the best picture we can ever give to those who do not know our wonderful Lord – peace in the midst of pain.

    Praying in Ohio – Jen

  38. Boy, my heart just aches with you your family. You were very brave to share such precious, intimate details with us. For this I humbly thank you. God is so close to the broken hearted. I pray He will make Himself SO real to you in the upcoming days. Ithank your dear mother for allowing us to share her pain and her dear, dear family.
    Blessings Sincerely,

  39. Hi Nathan,
    I am super proud of you and your wife and how you handled this difficult time in your life. I am glad to see that you guys remained “tight” with the Lord. Over a year ago our son was born at 23.5 weeks gestation so we know without a doubt how you felt. what helped me was the idea that, i wasn’t going to let the Lord down this time, i was going to stay strong. I also thought about the guys thrown into the fire in Daniel. They said “if our God saves us, great, if he doesn’t, we won’t bow down” and that is what we told the doctors, “We know God can heal him, but if he chooses not too, we are ok with that”. Stay strong, stay close to your wife and remember that seriously, good things can come out of things like this. Our baby is with us, he does physical therapy weekly, and last year went to the doctor at least 2-3x a week, but that is nothing compared to all of the people that i was able to share Jesus with.

  40. She is beautiful and the peace of God has truly shown through your faces. My heart was so grieved to learn of her passing but relieved that God was merciful in not making you both make a difficult decision. I will be praying for you. As my husband said when our last daughter came at 33 weeks, “Don’t cry, you have a hope that so many others don’t.” He is right, God is our hope and our peace and comforts us in ways the world can never understand.

  41. My heart goes out to you as my family can truely understand your loss – twice over. About 15 years ago (doesn’t seem that long ago though), my sister and her husband homebirthed a tiny little girl, not even 4 lbs, after an uneventful pregnancy. She was their first child, our first niece, my parents first grandchild. She didn’t breathe and was taken to the hospital and transfered to a bigger one. She was diagnosed with a rare disorder – Trichomy 18 I think? – and lived for about 2 weeks. They decided to take her off of most of the machines as her diagnosis was not good and her body systems were beginning to shut down, they wanted her final moments to be less stressful for her. She died almost 24 hours later. We all did a LOT of crying and a lot of praying during those days. She was very precious. Since then they have been given 10 more precious little lives, my parents now boast 19 grandchildren. God has only blessed my husband and I with 3 children, I’ve lost several along the way. JE has a special place on Grandma’s wall, and so we never forget her. And somehow each new life is more joyful since then.
    Our second instance involved very dear friends of ours from college. After 7 years of marriage, they finally brought home a perfect little boy. Within 24 hours he was back in ICU with severe seizures which continued for the rest of his short life, we never knew what caused them – he made it to his first birthday. They now have another little boy.

    God is faithful – and I’ve found with my miscarriages – it does help knowing you are not alone – that someone else is holding you up in prayer who has walked the path your on today and gotten to the other side. So I hope this short letter of love and promised prayers will give you just a small amount of encouragement in the days to follow.

    Your family has meant so much to us. Thank you.

  42. Dear Nathan and Melanie,
    I just found out about your little Susannah. We, too, have a Susanna (spelled slightly differently). The story of you, Nathan, finding the lily reminded me of the meaning of the name, Susanna: “white lily,” or in some books it say, “graceful white lily.” How like our God, that you found that single white lily in full bloom, for in heaven, isn’t she truly blooming?
    By God’s Grace,
    Greg ad Paula

  43. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. it is a heartbreak to lose a child. i pray that you read all these beautiful notes from others and that the words will bring comfort to you. you are not alone. i lost a child at 4 months into my pregnancy. it was a hard loss, but God is always in control. for reasons that we may never know, and for reasons that He slowly reveals to us, there is a purpose for everything. Our job is to surrender to Him and allow Him to work in our lives.

    God bless you. Your sweet Susannah is being comforted by Jesus as i write this. What a beautiful slide show. The pictures of her are precious.

    I will be praying for you. amy

  44. Nathan and Melanie,

    I haven’t read the blog in a while but knew that there were complications during pregnancy. I am so sorry to hear that Susannah’s short time here on earth is already over. I weep having never met any of you….I can imagine your pain at this time. I am amazed at the strength of Christ shining through you. What an amazing testimony to the grace of Christ!! The pictures are beautiful…what a precious baby girl! Isn’t God amazing? I love that He provided you with a blooming flower and pear trees that you can remember Susannah by. You both look so happy holding your daughter. May God bless your marriage abundantly. You have touched my heart.

    Praying for your family,

    Tiffanie in Ontario, Canada

  45. Dear Nathan and Melanie,
    Thank-you so much for sharing Susannah’s life with us. She has already touched so many. Our family also lost a baby before we held her. It was very difficult for all of us–our seventh. Our hearts were heavy, and our grief profound. “To everything, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” May this be a season of healing for you all. May you feel God’s presence in every moment. And we wish for you “JOY”, as Susannah’s is now immeasurable.
    In Christ’s Peace,

  46. Dear Friends,
    Thank you so much for sharing your precious little girl with us! Only God Himself knows the far reaching effect her life may have on others for His kingdom! I just want to share part of a poem with you that friends of mine wrote for me when we lost our own sweet baby three years ago- I hope it will be a blessing to you…

    “Our precious babe so tiny,
    How we desired to meet-
    To cuddle, train and nurture
    When long months were complete.

    But oh, this tiny rosebud, (or you could say lily!)
    So perfect, though so wee
    Was plucked before it blossomed
    To grace our family.

    Already we had loved you,
    A rosebud, white and pure,
    But Jesus, strong and tender
    Yet loves you even more.

    God planned for your beginning,
    Made you a living soul,
    Recorded growth and heartbeats,
    Your life’s in His control.

    For He Who plans each moment,
    Each blessing and each care
    Allows the bud to blossom
    Within the Father’s care.

    Though we may never understand,
    Our hearts are numb with pain,
    In love we yield this precious bud
    To God from Whence you came.”

    May it comfort your hearts to remember that God understands our grief, for did He not also have to part with His own sweet Child, His only Begotten Son for a time! And I like to think that when rain accompanies these sad times in our lives, that it’s like the Father weeps with us. May He be your strength and comfort in the days ahead!
    In loving sympathy,
    Krista N.

  47. Thank you for not publishing my comment yesterday! Blessings to you as your family mends and rests in the arms of Jesus.

  48. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter here on earth. But what joy it will be when you are all together in heaven.

    Both of you, Nathan and Melanie and your whole family have been an incredible example to others. What a wonderful legacy Susannah has left in just a few short days here on earth.

    Grieve your own way and in your own time; we are mere humans. Your faith in God is incredible, but I know you must be hurting something awful. God bless you and comfort you.


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