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  1. Thank you for sharing the photos — absolutely precious.
    Continuing to pray for Susannah Joy and her family.

  2. Oh, how blessed! Little Susannah hearing Mommy’s heartbeat! God bless you and give you peace! Praying specifically that God will grant your request to see precious little Susannah open her beautiful eyes and show you her sparkle and personality behind them! May God guide her medical staff in her treatment and may His name be glorified and honored through all of this. You are a blessing and an encouragement to so many of us. Know that we are fervently praying for you, Susannah and all your extended family!

  3. Thank you so much for the pictures. What a sweet little treasure Susannah Joy is. The first hold of such a special gift from God is so priceless. Praise God! We will continue to lift you all up. Grow in HIS Grace!

  4. What a beautiful family. Susannah is blessed to be in your tender care. I wonder if any child has ever been so loved, prayed for, and cherished? We continue to hold you all up in prayer even as we are overcome with thankfulness for the true light you are sharing.

  5. My oldest’s name is Susannah Joy, spelled just that way. Your Susannah is so precious! We are praying for you all.

  6. I kept waking up during the night thinking of you and praying for you. Thank you for sharing those priceless photos. How precious for little Susannah to be held in the loving arms of her mommy.

  7. How beautiful Susannah is-such precious photos. We continue to pray for her and her mommy and daddy.
    We know the whole family is affected by her early birth and by the difficulties that she has been having, but are praying for peace and joy to surround you and comfort you. We are also praying for her doctors to have wisdom in her care and that God will use their hands to work miracles in her life.

  8. Thank you for the precious photos. We’re praying for all three of you, very earnestly!

  9. Continuing to pray. Thank you for sharing the pictures. You all are wonderful example of what Chrisitianity look like. The love and trust you have in our Lord just shines through even during time of trial. I will continue to lift you up to Him.

  10. What a beautiful picture of precious Susannah and Melanie. We are praying for all of you. Also, that the Lord will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.

  11. What a precious, heaven-sent blessing! We will keep praying that God will give sweet Susannah much strength. Blessings to you!

  12. Those pictures are precious. You really see the love and the union of a family in those pictures. Many prayers are going out for this precious little life.

  13. The pictures are so sweet. We are praying for all of you. Susannah is incredibly precious. May you feel God close to you every moment.

    In His Love,
    Kristine & family

  14. What precious pictures! Thank you for sharing such an intimate family moment with us! I am so grateful that the hospital staff allowed Melanie to hold her!!! What a tremendous blessing! I’m sure Susannah loved being next to her Mama! As I looked at the photos, these verses came to mind:

    “But thou art he that took me out of the womb; thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother’s breasts. I was cast upon thee from the womb: thou art my God from my mother’s belly.” Psalm 22:9 & 10

    Joining with you in prayer and trusting in the God who formed and brought forth precious Susannah! His ways are perfect, even when we do not always understand them. May you feel His love surrounding you and holding you close!

  15. How beautiful your baby is and how precious to be holding her for the first time. I have never left a comment before but feel so led to tell you that my family and I are praying for little Susannah Joy’s health and strength. We feel familiar with your family through your many books and my children listened eagerly as I explained to them about Susannah’s early birth. They prayed for her well-being tonight and for comfort and joy for her mommy and daddy. We continue to lift your sweet baby up in prayers and for your entire family as well. Bless You all.

  16. Thank you for keeping the blog updated and posting the photos. They bring tears to my eyes! We will most certainly continue to pray for sweet Susannah Joy and her parents (and extended family as well).

    Carla (aka a_new_creation from the MOMSBoard)

  17. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos. What a precious family you all are. I continue to pray for you and for Susannah’s health.

  18. The pictures are so touching and precious! Continuing to lift baby Susannah Joy and her family up in prayer. May the Lord fill your hearts with peace that passes all understanding and may He hold you close to Him. Fervently praying here for Susannah and her family.

  19. We are keeping this prescious baby in our daily prayers. We are praying for a miracle. What a beautiful baby girl. God bless you.

  20. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos of you, Melanie and sweet Susannah Joy! We are continuing in prayer here.

  21. Those pictures are so precious. There is nothing like holding your baby for the first time. We continue to pray for Susannah to get well!

  22. Thank you for the precious photos. Continuing to lift your entire family and those who are caring for your beautiful blessing up to the Lord. May He grant you His peace that only He can give you during this difficult time.


  23. What beautiful and precious pictures those are!! Thank you so much for sharing them. We continue to pray for all three of you earnestly and without ceasing!

  24. Jim, Ruby and Vicki want you to know that we are praying fervently for your peace at this time. What a beautiful baby! Thank you for the picture. “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to recieve glory and honour and power; for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”-Rev. 4:11

  25. Thank you for sharing such a special moment through pictures. She is beautiful, God is so good… our last 3 (of 7) were all NICU babies, it was very emotional, but God sustained us with the comfort and peace that only He can give. Everyday does become easier, we pray that same peace and comfort for you. May God, through Susannah and her family work in the lives of all those that are privilaged to be part of her birth and care. Praying for comfort and healing,
    Samantha for the rest of the family

  26. Our family is praying for you. My second daughter was in the N.I.C.U. for 2 months, and we were not able to hold her for the first two weeks. We could only touch her head and kiss her. The Drs told us to make “plans”. Then when she was able to come home, we were told to enjoy our time with her because it would be short. Abigail will be 6 in a week! She is a happy healthy little girl! I know you what you and your family are going through. Have faith, GOD is with you and your sweet baby.

  27. Those pictures are breathtaking…bringing tears to my eyes. God bless you and give you strength, Melanie especially, as you recover from giving birth, and as you mother your little girl.


  28. Thank you for sharing these photos with us. Susannah is beautiful and so, so precious. I’m praying for her and you all.

  29. Oh, wonderful–pictures! Thanks for finding the time to put them up–we’re still praying for her! Melanie looks wonderful and peaceful, and Susannah looks beautiful and cherished–can’t wait to get another update!

  30. The photos or your family brought tears to my eyes. She is so precious!! Having just lost a baby due to a miscarriage, she seems even more special in my eyes. I will be in prayer for all of you.

  31. What a precious baby! Our family is praying for you all. Thank you for taking the time to keep all your readers updated. I have been a MOTHer for so long that I feel I know you all! God bless you and keep your Susannah Joy safe during these very difficult days.

  32. I am blessed to see the pictures, she is truly a beautiful baby. I will continue lifting your family to the Father.
    ((((((((((((Maxwell Family))))))))))))))

  33. She is just beautiful, like her mommy! Lifting you three to the throne of grace in prayer.

  34. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos & continually to pray for the whole families.

  35. We are praying for you!! May God bless you with an overflowing measure of grace to trust and rest in Him.

  36. I have been praying for you and your family.
    I know just holding her is a blessing.
    I believe that she knows that she is loved and can tell when Mommy is holding her, she can hear her Mommys heartbeat and that will help her so much.
    Praying here so much for you all.
    The Lord has a big plan for her and knows how much she is wanted and loved.
    I just know in my heart she will be okay and be blessed.
    Faith can move mountains and you have lots of prayers,
    thoughts and hugs sent to you all.
    God bless!!!

  37. Please know that our family is praying for you. Remember that there is ALWAYS hope in the Lord. I was once a baby that was not expected to live, let alone grow up to be a Mommy myself. My sweet little girl, was not expected to live either. God shown through, and brought us through. Whatever His will is, I pray he will speak to your hearts, and you will fell His comfort. What a beautiful family….what a beautiful little girl. God bless and keep all of you.

  38. What a God we have that while you are weeping (and we are weeping with you) that so many of His people are being instructed, blessed, and sanctified by this difficult providence. We already love you and your precious Susannah, though having not met you. You 3 have become so precious to so many, so quickly. The King of The Universe is with you!

    Ron, Tracy, Grace, & Emily

  39. Thank you so very much for sharing your precious daughter with us. She is beautiful!

    Praying for you during this difficult time. (((hug)))

    Melanie…..may you feel the Lord’s hand on you during this time as your body heals. My heart is aching for you!

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