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  1. I know you already know this, but she is BEAUTIFUL!
    I am an NICU veteran having had 4 children go through there………..my heart and my prayers are with you!

  2. SHe is absoulutely beautiful. What a baby. I have been through the NICU also with my son. I pray for you all.

  3. What a beautiful little girl you have been given!!!!

    Our family is praying for little Susannah and all of you. Your entire family has been so precious to us through the years.

    Our children were so excited to see a picture of Susannah!!! Thank you so much for faithfully keeping us updated even with all that you have to do. We will be faithful to pray!!

    Most sincerely,

  4. What a beautiful blessing she is!
    We just said a prayer for Susannah Joy, her proud parents, and the Maxwell family. Prayers that all in the NICU will see the glory of God through the miracle of Susannah’s life.

    In HIS grip,

  5. Oh thank you for this photo — she is soooooooo beautiful! I love all the hair!!!! I cried tears when I saw her photo because she is just so precious!!!!! Praying for you all and hoping that you’ll soon be able to hold and cuddle this little one!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for posting this photo! I have just caught up with your blog — you’ve had a remarkable couple of days! Susannah Joy is beautiful! We are praying for her, and all of you, as she is in the best of hands.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful picture! And, that head full of dark hair!!! Gorgeous!! We continue to lift that sweet baby up to the Lord Jesus in prayer as well as her precious parents and grandparents! Thank you for the updates!

  8. Welcome to the Family little Susannah…you are already so loved and are touching so many lives! You, Mommy and Daddy (plus Gramma and Grampa and all those aunts and uncles!) are in our hearts, thoughts and most importantly, our prayers! Stay strong little one…you’re a blessing beyond belief!

  9. Oh dear Jesus, please oh please heal Susannah Joy! Bring your healing touch upon her whole body and make her whole. Oh Jesus, please!!! Please comfort her family in this time in only the ways you can. We wait on you. Amen.

  10. Oh, she’s so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing her photo with us! My heart is so burdened for you all. Praying, praying, praying!

  11. Thanks for the picture. She is beautiful! I continue to pray and await to hear how she is doing. There are a couple of families on our block that love your family and we’ve never met you all. We use your products and such….. Just know you are loved like our family (well God’s Family we are!). We share in your joy and pain. We lift you in prayers to the Lord because we know and trust He can work in this situation!

  12. God is Awesome…….I don’t know your family but I am praying for God to heal your (“His”) little girl. What a masterpiece hand crafted by the Maker Himself.

    Father we ask for your healing touch to sweep over this little girl. Let her blood pressure be normal and every part of her body be healed. We know we don’t deserve anything but we are saved by Your grace. Please heal her. And touch the family. Give them peace that passes ALL understanding and help them to keep their mind “Stayed on You” We give you all the praise and honor that is due you. And we thank you for all Your blessings

  13. Thank you for the photo!!!! She is so beautiful!! Our prayers are continuing. We have struggled so much for our own children, and our hearts just go out to you all. We are earnestly praying!

    Stephanie (for us all)

  14. Susannah is beautiful! Praying, praying and praying for all of you and precious Susannah Joy. May the Lord be very near to all of you.

  15. Susannah is adorable! I love all the dark hair! I am praying for her and for all of you!

  16. Praying fervently for Susannah. We try to check every day but were out of town yesterday and just now saw the picture and messages about her. We will be praying for her pressure to stabilize and that the Lord will be glorified through the miracle of her birth and healing.
    May He bless each of you with peace and strength.

  17. She is absolutely gorgeous. I am praying diligently for her complete healing. May the Lord give you peace and comfort as you go through this trial.

  18. What a precious blessing from the Lord.

    I am another NICU veteran as well. My first had heart problems and was similarly attired for the first six weeks of her life. Some of her NICU friends had similar problems to your Susannah so we’ve been praying for you!

    May God be glorified through Susannah and her family!

  19. Susannah is SO beautiful and precious! We’re praying that God will heal her and give her strength.
    Our prayers are with you Melanie, Nathan, and Susannah (and with both of your families).
    With God, all things are possible.

  20. Hey Girl! What a precious miracle you are. You are so sweet- and ALL THAT HAIR! We are praying for you Susannah- you have two wonderful godly parents that love you so much!

    You all are in our prayers—Grow in HIS Grace!!!!!!!!!

  21. Wow–what a beautiful baby! Thank you so much for updating us so much–I know that it’s difficult to find a free moment to do so. Still praying for that little sweetie.

  22. She is a beauty indeed!! Fearfully and wonderfully made!!

    Continuing to uplift you all before the Throne of Grace!!

  23. Our family has prayed for you throughout the day and we will continue to pray faithfully. Bless you all as you hold tight to Jesus.

  24. We are continuing to lift her up to Jesus in prayer…. Peace be on you today. She is so incredibly beautiful

  25. What a beautiful precious little one she is!!! All that gorgeous hair! Our family is praying for all of you!!! We serve an Awesome and Might God!! I pray that Susannah Joy will be a testimony of His healing hand!

  26. Susannah Joy is beautiful. This brings back memories of our youngest daughter, who spent time in the NICU as well.

    My prayers are with all of you.

  27. Our family will be lifting you to the LORD in prayer and will be praising Him for His ways though they are difficult to comprehend and sometimes hard to accept. Still we will call on Him, praise Him with you and for you adn pray for you as you minister to your baby and are a testimony to all you meet.

    God bless you with His peace, with His joy and His love. your friend, pamela

  28. Oh Nathan and Melanie, Susannah is just beautiful! We have been praying for you throughout your pregnancy and will continue to pray now for your sweet daughter.

  29. Such a beautiful miracle. I know that your hearts feel like they are right there with her in the little bed- all the time. We are still praying for her steadfastly.
    In Christ’s love,

  30. Continuing to pray for precious baby Susannah and your family!

  31. The expression” A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been so true as it is this moment. When I saw this preicous child, my prayers changed from, a child out there somewhere, to this miracle baby. We will continue to pray for His healing Hand to change your world. God truly bless you.

  32. What a sweet, beautiful and precious blessing Susannah Joy is! We are continuing in prayer for her, and for you and Melanie.

  33. This is a dear little baby. Her colour and size look good. With love and prayers to all. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you got a little flicker soon.

  34. Prayers for your family…God bless you and make His face to shine upon Susannah. He is good and worthy to be praised!

  35. I am not sure what to say.We are very saddened for your family.But know that your precious little girl is in a wonderful,glorious place right now,and will all be together again one day.Our prayers are with you.God is our comfort and strength,I know you know that already.Many prayers to you both and yours.

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