The project continues. Last week the weather was very conducive to working outside and we accomplished what we needed to. All of the children were eager to help and it was delightful working with them. It was our first experience with under-floor rough in plumbing and we found it to be a lot of hard work digging in the compacted clay.

Mary and Anna did not want to be left out and asked to be able to work with the rest of us. We had the sweetest fellowship while we worked. We receive quite a few emails from ladies asking how ladies can still be modest while wearing dresses/jumpers. You can tell from the photos that it wasn’t a problem for our girls. I’m delighted that my children are happy to work beside their father and not seeking to go off and waste their time. Working together is such a blessing for all and besides that, we learned a lot in the process.








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  1. Wow, how exciting!! Made me tired just looking at all your hard work. I cannot wait to see the fruits of your labor!!

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