Spring with the Moodys and House Work

Spring with the Moodys went to our proofreader today! The proofreader will have it for  three weeks. I then have two weeks to work through the edits and prepare the book for the final format.

The house work is coming along! Last Thursday afternoon, the foundation walls were poured. The whole family was out to watch the exciting event—it was so wonderful to see the house really taking shape. Mary was our little baker last week and supplied the workmen with cookies and brownies.

Today, Dad rented a TracHoe so that we could dig a trench for the sewer and drainage. While Dad, John, and Joseph worked on the trench, Christopher, Anna, Jesse, and Mary waterproofed the outside foundation walls (looks like blue paint!). There is still a lot of work to be done tomorrow; please pray for the guys’ strength and that the job will get done! As soon as our part is done, we’ll turn it over to the contractors who will do the flat work (i.e. basement floor, etc), and then framing the house in. We’ll take it over after that :-).

Joyfully His,



Most of the family watching the pumper lower down!

Ready to watch the action!


John–I think he used a shovel a fair amount today!


Our wonderful Daddy!


Mary and Anna waterproofing the foundation


Jesse and Christopher working together



Joseph — down next to the foundation working!


Honey found a steak bone and was happy to hold onto it. We finally convinced her to “drop it” with dog biscuits….


6 thoughts on “Spring with the Moodys and House Work”

  1. We are so excited to know that “Spring” is coming! 😉 Praying for the books finishing touches and for the building of the house!

  2. We are very excited to hear about the progress with Spring With the Moody’s! Your books are wonderful examples of Christian lives. Thank you. Your house is coming right along. What a great learning experience for everyone involved and how satisfying it will be to be able to build your own home! Thanks for sharing the pictures and updates! I am wondering how are Nathan, Melanie, and Baby? You’re family is in our prayers. God Bless you all.

  3. Thank you Sarah for the update on your new book! How exciting! Thank you also for the pictures — it’s so neat seeing the new house come together!!!! May God richly bless you all!

  4. It is so funny to see those kinds of walls. Down here in
    S.W. Florida, everything is concrete block to withstand
    those hurricane winds. It was neat to see everyone painting
    the blue stuff. It is exciting to build a new house. We did six
    years ago. The time will fly by! We are excited about the new
    book coming out. My 14 yr. old daughter is reading the first one.
    We found a puppy the week she began to read it. We will
    be keeping “Annie”. God bless you!


  5. YAY! I look forward to the next book. The house looks like it is coming along wonderfully. I can’t wait to see it after it is done. It is nice to see how your family works together on so many things. A true blessing.

  6. How about a new book (by Steve and Teri) about building your own house? I know it is something that those of us who are striving to be debt-free dream of doing.


     We will have to see if the Lord gives us anything that would be of greater help than the countless books already out there. There definitely are some other topics that are heavy on our hearts. It just depends when we feel God is sayng to go ahead with them.

    God bless.


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