House Work!

In a recent blog post, I shared that with the ministry, our family has outgrown our current house.

The first picture is of the boys cleaning off the street near the new house Wednesday. We’ve had some work being done for the sewer, and the street had a nice bit of mud on it.

Then, Joseph and I staked out the house today! Next week, Lord willing, if the frost is out of the ground, the excavation of the basement will be done, and possibly the foundation poured. It’s exciting to see the work making progress!

BTW – thank you to everyone who is praying for Melanie and little baby Maxwell. Melanie is doing well!





3 thoughts on “House Work!”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    We will keep praying. It looks cold in those pictures. It is
    exciting to be building a new house. We built one six years ago.
    My twenty-two year old daughter and I came to the conference in Orlando. It was a blessing. Of course, I bought all of the books Sarah wrote and its kind of funny because on Monday my fourteen
    year old daughter started to read the first one and in the
    afternoon she found a puppy with a couple of the neighbor kids.
    We have put out fliers but so far no one has claimed her.
    She may become a member of our family.


  2. We are really happy to hear that Melanie and baby are doing well.
    It must be very exciting to be building the new house. Thank you for sharing with us!
    We will be continuing to pray for Nathan, Melanie, and Baby – we have also been remembering Christopher and Sarah and will now be adding prayers for peace and patience for the rest of you as work on the new house progresses.
    We keep a copy of “Just Around the Corner” out on a table so that when we see it we remember to pray for your family.
    Many Blessings to you,
    Doug & Michelle

  3. Boy, you guys are fast! We hope to build in a few years, so we’ll be watching your progress with great fascination!!! Praying that all goes well.

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