Update on the Baby and Melanie

First I want to start with thanking people for their prayers, love and support. We are so grateful and undeserving. We have been greatly blessed by the comments left and have recognized a number of the names which is fun.

The contractions have largely dissipated. We are grateful for the Lords gracious intervening. Melanie will be observed through tomorrow and then probably released, assuming no further labor. The more time that goes on the less of the medication is in her system.

We do not know when labor will return. She will be on bed rest to attempt to forestall it as long as possible. Please pray that the baby will have at least 6 more weeks, minimally, to develop. 34 is still preemie but nothing like 28.

Again thank you for your prayers. They were both needed and effective. Wed evening/night was extremely challenging as Melanie’s body bore the brunt of this medication. A few of the comments left indicate some of you know the challenge these meds are. I was stretched way beyond my comfort zone as I sought to comfort my hurting wife. The Lord Jesus was a very real source of comfort both directly and through the passages we just happened to read (did you know how many miracles of healing there are around Matt 8 and 9?).


8 thoughts on “Update on the Baby and Melanie”

  1. You have been in my prayers for days! I am glad the contractions have stopped. I too had to take these meds for my second daughter and they take a toll on one. Praying God’s protection over your babe, wife and strenght to you Nathan as you support and comfort your wife!

  2. Nathan and Melanie. I am so sorry you are going through this. You are in my prayers daily. Of course you know that Jesus is with you and He is your Comfort and Healer. I will continue to pray.

  3. We will be steadfastly praying for this little one, and all that you are walking through right now.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Sarah, for all in the family
    Psalm 46

  4. Melanie, we are praying you will be able to come home soon and that the Lord would keep little one inside you a while longer. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be on bed rest….I’ve never dealt with early labor….mine always like to “hang out” an extra week or two. As I read your posts and pray for you, I remember all the times I’ve complained about how “long” my pregnancies are. And here, you want more than anything to “be pregnant” longer. I asked the Lord to help me remember this if he chooses to give us another little blessing. Nathan, it must be so hard as a husband and almost “daddy” to see your wife go through all this. My “strong, tough” Daniel would always walk into the hospital with me when I was about to deliver and ask the nurse if HE could have an epidural…he says it hurts him just to see me hurt. Though we don’t know why the Lord is allowing this trail in your lives, we do know that He is right there with you and loves you and little baby so much. He is a good, wonderful God….keep casting all your cares on Him. Know there are many here in Cd. Insurgentes, BCS Mexico praying for you. love, Jaynee

  5. This would explain the everpresent prompting to pray for you all this week. I will continue daily. God is faithful!

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