Conference Update

The conference went extremely well last night. We all have our “jobs” for set up, and the setting up was pretty smooth, especially for the first night of the trip.

For the first time slot, we had four different sessions: Mom spoke to the ladies, Dad to the men, Christopher to the young men, and I to the young ladies. Hearts seemed to be quite receptive! We enjoyed seeing several families whom we had met previously at the Orlando convention a year and a half ago. One family drove 300 miles to attend the conference. We were so blessed that they took the time and effort to come. For the second session, Dad and Mom jointly gave Keeping Our Children’s Hearts while Christopher gave Evangelism to the young people. Hearts were very open to the session. As the closing to the Hearts session, our family sang a few songs–gospel bluegrass style.

We were very overwhelmed by the way that Jesus provided for our traveling expenses. The coordinator had done a great job of organizing the conference–thank you! They even gave us a box of delicious fruit, pound cake, and other items. We now know how good a fresh orange is :-).

Today was a quieter day. We took a walk at Wachiva State Park, which we accidentally found last night after a wrong turn. The weather is wonderful: it feels like spring to us. It almost seems surreal to be experiencing such nice weather when back at home in Kansas, they’re having snow! We also are amazed at the green grass, flowers, etc. We enjoyed our family time today as we admired God’s creation.

We’re on to Albany, Georgia tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers. We hope to continue meeting ya’ll!

Sarah for the rest
Dad and Mom




School continues even on the road! During sessions, when the children are back with the book table, they’re able to work on school! (They also do school other times during the trip :-).)


3 thoughts on “Conference Update”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful conference! It was such a blessing and I know we had many non-homeschooling families there as well to hear the session on keeping your children’s heart. I am also so thankful that you were able to leave our area before the tornado’s hit. God is truly watching over you on this trip!

  2. Dear Maxwell family,
    You have been on my mind, and therefore in my heart and prayers. May your trip continue to reach hearts for Him!

    Blessings in the Lord,
    Sarah, for all in our family

  3. Hello~
    I’m Korean.
    My Family is Homeschool Family.
    um.. Maxwell Family,
    Do you know Mr. Brad voller?
    maybe I think that you know..
    I want to see Maxwell Family . It’s REALLY!!
    well. then,
    BY. And God Bless you!

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