Fresh Cookies for the Homeless

Yesterday was Mission Cookie Baking Day. Quite a few years ago, Nathan began heading up a chapel service at the City Union Mission homeless shelter in downtown Kansas City, the second Saturday of the month. We girls don’t go, but we can have a part by baking fresh, chocolate chip cookies. The younger children (mainly now Anna, Jesse, and Mary) have sweetly taken over the job of making about 120 scrumptious cookies each month. Here they are in action.




Joyfully His,

One thought on “Fresh Cookies for the Homeless”

  1. Thank you for sharing your labor of love. The church we used to attend was involved in a homeless outreach and we would cook meals for about 75 once a week-it was a lot of work, but we usually had many helpers and the rewards were worth it.
    In your case, the rewards are sweet-in more ways than one!
    Many blessings,
    The Willis’

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