Behind-the-scenes look at a photo session for Spring….

Today, a neighbor’s cat is acquired (with permission :-)), so our Golden Retriever, Honey, can tree it so we can photograph the scene for our artist to sketch an illustration for Spring with the Moodys….


Cat is encouraged to run up the tree. (As a side note, we put the cat near the tree and THEN let Honey out. Of course, the cat ran up the tree, as Honey excitedly ran toward the tree!)


Honey is encouraged to jump up and look at the cat. Hmmm… Cat climbed higher than we wanted! If you notice, the cat is way up in the fork of the tree.


John has to go get his ladder so that we can bring the cat out of the tree.


Heroic John to the rescue! He manages to coax the cat close enough so that he can reach her. Meanwhile, his sister is a little nervous as she watches.


Success! Cat is now in hand as he climbs down the ladder.


Okay, another try. We opted for a shorter tree this time. Honey had been put away and then brought back again as John put the cat on the tree and channeled it the direction he wanted :-).


This time the cat is much closer and Joseph can get a better picture.


Honey is put in the house, and the cat is again brought down. The hand-off from John (in the tree) to me occurs.


The cat is safely down!!

So, just a little adventure in capturing a picture for the next Moody book!!

Only for Jesus,

8 thoughts on “Behind-the-scenes look at a photo session for Spring….”

  1. Sarah,
    I really enjoy your books, and am anxiously waiting for the next one to come out! The pictures look great, and very “fun” for your book. Thanks for posting them,

  2. LOL…thanks for sharing the ‘behind the scenes’ look! I can only imagine what that poor cat was thinking when it was ran up another tree! LOL

    May God richly bless you as you finish up all the final details for your new book!

  3. Thanks for the peek behind the scenes. My dc are anxiously awaiting the publication of the new book – actually we ALL are. They really enjoyed the pictures but felt sorry for the “poor kitty” and didn’t think John looked very safe in that tree!

  4. I purchased your books some time ago but we did not read them until we attended the conference your family had this past September near Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Once we got home I read each of the three books out loud to the family, a couple chapters a night. We all enjoyed them so much and are eagerly awaiting book number 4. Thanks for the update, the children enjoyed the candid photos. We are praying for you as you finish the details on the book and get it sent out.

  5. That is hilarious… something I’ve never heard of before. Staging a TREED CAT. LOL THANKS for sharing… °Ü°

    I can’t wait to see the drawing in the book — I hope it makes it in there.

  6. We have all loved your books. We just finished Winter… last night. I have to add that my 3 oldest have now changed their doll names to become the “Moody” family. They act out parts of your books. I can’t wait to see how they will incorporate the treeing of the cat into their play time! We are excited about your next book and will keep checking to see when we can place an order. Thank you!

  7. I love seeing you all work together. The kitty looks like our Fred. I think Fred would have gone to the very top of the tree upon seeing Honey. :O) God bless your labors.

  8. We purchased all 3 Moody books for our son for Christmas, and Mommy has enjoyed them as well. Now if we can just talk the teenager into reading it (he thinks it’s too young for him), we’re sure he will enjoy it too, and can gain some positive reinforcement from them! I especially appreciate how the family gets along so well. Looking forward to getting “Spring”. I felt good knowing that I didn’t have to worry one bit about what negative influences we’d have to counteract after reading the books. Also, I enjoyed talking with you, Sarah, on the phone the other day. I haven’t made up my mind yet about the order.

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