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Cute dog? Well, it has more meaning than just that. Last Friday, that picture and four others were mailed off to the artist to begin sketching for Spring with the Moodys. This picture of “Maple” (actually Lady in real life) will be used by the artist for her drawings. For each chapter of a Moodys book, we decide what we want for the illustration. Then we need to get a photograph of what it should look like so the artist knows what to draw.

The basic text is in, and I am working on revising and editing before the book goes to the proofreader. I’m hoping by the middle of next year that Spring will be out. Your prayers are greatly appreciated, as I’ve found this book to be the most challenging of all four thus far.

Joyfully His,

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  1. What exciting news!!! My children ask regulary about Spring with the Moody’s. We are so thankful for your wonderful and wholesome books. Prayers go up to our gracious Father on your behalf as you do the finishing touches on this book. So many of us families are blessed by your writing and we pray that you are blessed for your work. Oh… and we can’t wait for those twins to be born! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the update. My daughter and I really enjoy the books and we are eagerly awaiting Spring’s arrival.
    God Bless and Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you for letting us know the progress of Spring and how the artwork is made for the book. I will share this with my son, who is eagerly waiting for the next book! Thank you for your dedication to the Lord in writing wholesome, Godly stories for families!

  4. Hi Sarah 🙂 We are thoroughly enjoying “Winter” and will be joyfully lifting you up as you continue working with “Spring”… a blessed New Year to you in Christ!

  5. Sarah,

    We are looking forward to this book so much!! Thank you for all your hard work. Your whole family has blessed us so much – we praise God for each of you and your work. Our youngest daughter was clear excited when she saw this note on your blog and thinks Lady is the cutest dog ever!

  6. Oh, Sarah –

    Looking forward to the upcoming release – just in time for our daughter’s 13th birthday in June. Our children LOVE your books. Praising the Lord for all of the excitement going on in your family. Your family is such an inspiration. Thank you.


  7. Woohoo! How exciting! 🙂 My dc have been waiting, not so patiently most of the time, I might add, for the next book. LOL! You have been such a blessing to so many with your books Sarah. Thank you so much for writing them.

  8. Hooray!! My children will be so excited to hear of this! Thank you Sarah for bringing such wonderful discipleship to other families. We will be praying as you finish the process and that the Lord continues to lead you as you do His will. May Jesus bless you abundantly for your obedience to HIM!

  9. Sarah, we are so very excited! We have been waiting for Spring to be available so that we can ship both Winter and Spring to Australia together – waiting that last few months is going to be a good test of our patience!

    Your books are an inspiration and blessing to our family.

  10. Sarah,
    Thank you for the update and I will pass on the exciting news to my Amelia!! We both have enjoyed your books, Amelia on multiple occasions, and have been waiting with great anticipation for the next installment.
    Blessings on you!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    We are so looking forward to the next update on the Moody family! Have to admit, we are very curious about the babies, and “m” names! Will they be Mason and Marissa? Mariah and Malea? Matthew and Mark? Martin and Mackenzie? Marius and Melinda? Merritt and Melody? And hopefully the series will continue on for several more years and additional blessings to the family! There are sooo few books/series for children that show large families in a positive light…VERY few have more than 6-8 children and most have just 2 or 3. Have the “Moodys” considered adoption as well? Our 2 youngest were brought home to our family from India as toddlers with medical needs, they would be thrilled to read about the Moody family adopting from abroad! Maybe a small sibling group that needs to be placed together! Looking forward to the next book, and even more installments in the future. God bless,
    Karla in MN

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