Sunday night our family, including Nathan, Melanie, Grandad, and Grandma caroled at  thirty-three of our neighbors’ homes. Grandma started our Christmas-caroling tradition about seventeen years ago by planning a caroling evening to her Meals-on-Wheels, elderly friends. When she no longer was delivering Meals-on-Wheels, we moved the caroling to our neighborhood.

Along with caroling, we deliver a plate of cookies and candy to each home. This year, we worked on baking goodies to go on the caroling plates for two Saturdays. Then, Sunday afternoon, we compiled the plates. Dad buys brightly wrapped candy at SAMS to add a finishing touch to the plates. We also include a card that we design with a Scripture verse on it with the plate.

After we carol, we go next door to my grandparents, have our evening Bible time together, eat cookies, and drink hot chocolate. Caroling to our neighbors is one of the highlights of the Christmas season for our family!

Only for Jesus,

I didn’t take pictures of this year’s plates, but here are some pictures from last year’s plates.





6 thoughts on “Caroling”

  1. That sounds like so much fun and what a treat for all your neighbors! You all sound so wonderful together!!!! (I had the honor of hearing you in Greenville, SC this year).

    Have a blessed evening,

  2. I am praying for Christopher and Sarah’s courtship and Nathan and Melanie’s baby. Thanks for sharing personally. Have wonderful Christ centered time.

  3. I am eager to show these pictures and the one’s below of your family’s Christmas decorations to my children as you spoke about doing these things in Winter with the Moodys. My children always want to experience the exact activities that the Moodys do! Thank you Maxwell Family for sharing your precious family and relationship with Jesus with us.

  4. I just notice I did read these but never comment it. I truly enjoy your Christmas ritual and I am learning so much. I notice none of my friends celebrate it the way you do. Our neighborhood is different & it is hard for me to describe. I always assume it is with Christmas tree and other stuff…thanks again for keeping the old post.

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