Baby Update

Dear Friends,
You may remember that Melanie and I were going to have a ultrasound first part of December. We have elected to delay it until January. This will reduce the number of ultrasounds we have, which we feel is in the child’s best interest. We continue to covet your prayers.

11 thoughts on “Baby Update”

  1. You will continue to be in our prayers. Our children have been praying as well. They know you as Sarah’s older brother and sister-in-law. (Because of the Moody books, of course).

  2. Dear Nathan and Melanie,
    You and your baby continue to be in our prayers.
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas,
    Garnet and family

  3. Praying for both of you and the littlest Maxwell…I can’t believe you’re making us all wait until January for more baby updates 😉 (but I completely understand your reasonings :)) May the Lord bless you both abundantly as you trust in Him in all things!

  4. Timothy, Elijah, Rebekah, Benjamin, Abigail, Isaiah, Josiah, and even Noah and Susannah (with help from mommy or daddy) have been keeping you in our prayers and will continue to do so. Little Nehemiah is due to arrive in 5 days, and we’ll have him pray too 🙂

  5. Continuing to pray. Hey, were you in Texas the weekend after Thanksgiving? If it wasn’t you, it was your twin! I was about to come talk to you (or your double), but my daughter ran up with something for me to see. And when I turned around, you were gone. Hope you had a wonderful holiday no matter where you were.


    (From Steve below)

    That is funny. Nathan and Melanie were in Texas visiting friends. They went to a craft show and I’m assuming that is where you saw them. It is a small world.


  6. Oh, now I’m really sad that I missed a rare opportunity to say hi in person. We did see them at the craft show. It was so unexpected to see them that I hesitated at first to approach, then when I was distracted it was too late. I hope they enjoyed their visit. Blessings to everyone!!

  7. We are continuing in prayer for both of you, and for your precious blessing that you are expecting.

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