Courage in Action

This email is shared with permission from the courageous dad who threw out the beast from his home as pictured previously. He is already starting to see the good fruit such a decision produces.

What we’ve done:

Removed the TV from the Living Room and placed it in the garage. It’s rather large (as you could see from the picture) so it’s not something the trash people will take without prior arrangements. It sat in our living room until Thursday night, when I had a friend over who could help me move it. It felt like a weight was lifted. Since the TV weighs 220 lbs, a weight was lifted down 2 flights of stairs, much easier than UP I can tell you. It was a constant source of temptation in the house (I can fix a cut cord easily, and I can remove/replace a simple plexiglass clear screen that was written on as well). Now that it’s in the garage, we get no more questions from the kids about wanting to watch TV.

Started daily devotions. We’re starting in John and finished Chapter 3 tonight (8th day of devotions). I’ve also started reading a Psalm at the end of the devotions. Some have been very difficult as we’ve been on the go a lot lately due to pre-existing commitments and we were doing them without naps on occasion, but they have been done each day without exception.

Removed all video games (ouch €¦ from someone who has been playing them for 30 years) from the house except the Game Boy because it was given to me by a friend and he may want it back. It hasn’t been touched however except to move it out of the way. Cancelled Cable, ESPN Insider, Blockbuster online, File Planet (Video Game demo and patch download service), GameTap and XM radio. Rough cost savings per month = $150.00.

Started removing non-edifying media. Edifying is defined as Christian media and secular non-fiction (biographies, textbooks, etc). More to do here, but it’s happening in time.

Dismantled the entertainment center and reconfigured for stereo/cd use only.

Started Bible memorization with the boys. My three year old son has memorized 3 scripture verses and my two year old son has memorized one. Joshua 24:15 (both), Deut. 6:4 and Matt. 22:39

It’s tough not even paying attention to things you did before. I am finding it difficult to not check football scores on Sunday (and failing today) and not to get caught up in things that had my attention before.

It is a lot tougher to supervise a 2 and 3.5 year old when you have no other help and no TV to pawn them off on. We have started integrating them into getting some chores done, but that has its own set of challenges. Right now, trying to clean up the mess we’ve made has prevented getting a new schedule really worked on (nights and such are spent cleaning up all the stuff that was around before) and the chore pack definitely comes after the schedule.


For the first time since our oldest was 3 months old (or thereabouts) we were able to sit through a singing worship service at our church AND ENJOY IT! Praise the Lord. We took our boys out for pizza as a reward.

Devotions are rough, but getting better.

I’m actually trying to put God first in what I do. We have a morning schedule where we both get a half hour with the Lord before breakfast each day. We have not faltered from this since the conference.
To Do’s

Work on the vision statement and goals. The vision statement is pretty much done but I’m scrapping my work with goals so far as I don’t like it. Praying for some insight as I feel stalled. I might resort to using your goals list in Keeping Our Children’s Hearts as a template and customizing it for our family.

Hammer out a schedule. My wife is handling this and we have a temporary one in place but it needs more refining. Finish clearing out the trash and reconfiguring the house. The garage is packed as well and needs to be cleared out.
Thanks for listening and holding parents everywhere accountable for their actions!

To Him be the Glory!
What a guy! I hope that encourages you as well.


4 thoughts on “Courage in Action”

  1. That was a great email! I love reading testimonies and experiences like that.

    I recently finished reading MOTC, and was encouraged that I have been doing the right thing with the kid’s chores. My children are 6, 4, 2, and 12 weeks. I start my kids on chores as soon as they can walk. Their first chore being their learning how to put away their toys.

    I was an only child, and grew up in a house that was VERY smelly and filthy. My mom didn’t know how to clean (she grew up in filfth as well). However, cleaning isn’t hard, and I didn’t like being in dirt, so I kept my room spotless. Too bad I wasn’t a Christian then, else maybe I would have had more of a servant’s heart, and could have helped my mom clean the whole house, and keep it that way.

    I grew up with no chores given to me. I just started giving myself my own chores, such as keeping my room clean, doing my laundry, etc. When I was 16 I left highschool, and homeschooled myself through the rest of highschool. When I was 17 I got saved.


  2. It’s so encouraging to see God work in others in a similar way as He has ours. Keep on without a TV; sooner than you think you’ll wonder how you ever could live with its interference in your lives! Although we are TV-less, we are facing the scheduling challenge. We’ve found it helps in keeping the little ones busy. Yes, it takes time to get used to redirecting their activities, but once the schedule is learned, they hold YOU accountable and look forward to each new activity, and it holds thier attention. We alternate activities with 2, then play alone, then back, and we use their favorite things…dolls, play house, tent w/ blankies,trampoline. Then try to school the older ones and keep them also on schedule. The days fly by, but miraculously the progress adds up. Still much work to get it all running as smoothly as we want, but we are blessed with the results of even partial changes so far. I just learned about the retreat.Wow! Wish there was another one offered SOON! It obviously had an impact on you. May the Lord bless the efforts far and wide.

  3. I love to see dads taking charge. Many Years ago I desired family prayer. My husband was willing, but he didn’t take charge. It was really hard to pull it off until he decided it was important and took the lead. The next thing I knew we were praying as a family almost every night.
    God Bless Dads

  4. My husband and I have not had a T.V. for 90% of our marriage and we don’t regret it!
    Praise the Lord that Christians are willing to give up their entertainment for their children/family!
    If anyone reading this struggles with this subject (“to have or not to have”) You will not regret it!!! Ever!
    To whoever this man was- Praise the Lord for your obedience!

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