One thought on “We’re home!!!”

  1. Praise the Lord that you and your family made it back safely. It is so wonderful to see such a happy, beautiful, peaceful family.
    I feel compelled to send you a few words of thanks and encouragement. I’ve been reviewing (read “being inspired”) by your website for the past couple of weeks. As soon as we can (things are a little tight right now) I plan to order several books. In the meantime, I was able to borrow a copy of “Managers of Their Homes” from our homeschool library. Let me tell you what a blessing this book has been already! Our family has had to endure so much tragedy this year, I won’t go through burdening you with all of that here, but when I was able to spend a few moments alone to contemplate Teri’s message in the first few chapters, it was refreshing to my soul. What a much needed relief! God bless you all. Keep up the wonderful work.

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