We love to hike! We had some time Monday morning in the Asheville area for a family walk.

Maxwell Children

Mary and Christopher

The Music Store

When we headed to Franklin from Asheville Wednesday, we saw a little music shop and stopped there. We enjoyed our visit!

Dad and Mom

My mom’s sister came from Alabama to visit us in Franklin. She came to the Tuesday evening conference. Wednesday we had a “free” day, so we decided to hike. One of my mom’s favorite things to do is hike in the woods, which doesn’t happen very often! Of course, our whole family enjoys hiking.

The sunset was gorgeous last night over the mountains!

5 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. Sarah,

    The thing that struck me the most with these pictures was
    the joy on your families faces. That is encouraging. A friend
    recently told me that she could tell my older children loved Jesus
    by looking into their eyes. After looking at all of your faces I think
    I could say the same. I had never thought of it that way before.
    Our family loves to hike too and when we head to the mountains
    my husband and boys become “mountain men”. It’s fun and a beautiful
    time as a family. God bless your family as you finish up your
    trip. We have enjoyed your pictures and stories. Will you be doing
    any seminars in the Ft.Myers area?

    A sister in the Lord,

  2. WOW! After watching your family work so hard last weekend, it is great to see you relaxing and getting some rest in these pictures.
    We enjoyed having y’all here so very, very much. I wish we would have had time to relax and visit longer. I know that I was blessed by your presence here.

  3. Maxwells,
    We had made plans to attend your conference in the Columbia SC area, but our little one became ill, a client needed a rush job, and our babysitters fell through! So with the odds against us, we decided to stay home. I must admit, I was a little saddened…thinking that this would be a great time to get away and invest in our family, but God can work in hearts no matter where they are!
    Last Monday my husband came home from work and proclaimed…”We are getting rid of the TV, It is going in the closet.” I was shocked and in awe…he loves football and sports and I know that God had to be the author of this proclaimation!
    Later I read on your blog that you have been encouraging men in your conferences to get rid of the “beast.” Well, we didn’t make it to the conference, but we got rid of the beast!!! Instantly, a peace came into our home like never before. The whinning and nagging is at an all time low and I can hear Him in the stillness again!
    Many Blessings,
    The Costner Family

  4. Hello Maxwell Family,
    I would like to say it is such a blessing to see your families pictures. They are just a blessing to see a family just so sweet. My husband and I are relly hoping to be able to attend one of your conferences (next time around) and hear from your family. I am really praying and trying to get our schedule going. I know that will make a difference in our home.
    I just want you to know how much the Lord uses you all to encourage other families.

    May God conitue to bless you all

  5. Its amazing to see what you are doing with your family life its so wonderful to kow there are more families like ourselves who are trying to teach or future(kids)the right way to go and that modesty ,faith and family are so much that god has given to as a wonderful miracle.We see that in our kids eyes and know they have found the truth

    bless your familyies in the new year
    praise god

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