Virginia. . .

Last night’s (Thursday) conference in Lynchburg went well. My joy is being able to share with young ladies in the girls’ workshop. I was thrilled when Dad told us on the way to the hotel last night that three fathers said they were going to give up their TVs. If only one father had a heart change for the direction of his family from each conference, this trip would be totally worth it! Praise Jesus for working in the hearts of those attending.

We’re working on our setup and tear down procedures of the book tables. The girls (Anna and Mary) do an incredible job with the book table set up. I used to do most of it myself, but they are now trained to set up the whole thing by themselves. The guys hand truck in the tubs and boxes that we need.


We’ll try for some tear down photos at a future conference.
Only for Jesus,

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  1. So glad your conferences are going well…I was planning on attending the Lynchburg one, but came down with the flu last week = ( . I was so disappointed. I hope I’ll be able to attend one sometime in the future. I’ve read some of your books and the Mom’s Corners every month. I enjoy and learn so much from you all. Blessings to you!

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