Recommended Audiobooks

With the blog post on bluetooth headphones, I was asked this question:

Do you have any good recommendations for audiobooks or places to find good sermons to listen to? I have found that I like to listen to things when I am doing my daily cleaning or go out for a walk. Would love any suggestions for good things to listen to.

We are able to listen to audiobooks for free through our library and Hoopla. Lately, I have been listening to Thomas Watson books. He lived in the mid-1600’s. My favorite Thomas Watson books are:

The Art of Divine Contentment, by Thomas Watson
The Doctrine of Repentance, by Thomas Watson
The Ten Commandments, by Thomas Watson

Other books:

Knowing God, by J. I. Packer
Rediscovering Holiness, by J. I. Packer
The Attributes of God, by A. W. Tozer
Delighting in God, by A. W. Tozer
Worship, by A. W. Tozer
Absolute Surrender, by Andrew Murray
Of The Mortification of Sin in Believers, by John Owen

Those would provide many hours of great listening. I regularly re-listen to the books as well.

For sermons, perhaps your church’s sermons are available online and you could re-listen to them

I use Sermon Audio for finding messages. When I hear a recommendation for a preacher, I see if he has sermons on Sermon Audio. For example, I like Jim Berg books. I found out he has quite a few sermons on Sermon Audio.

Trusting in Jesus,

“The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him,
to all that call upon him in truth.” Psalms 145:18

Christmas Eve at the Maxwells

Traditionally, we’ve celebrated with the whole crew for all of Christmas Eve. We began this soon after Nathan and Melanie got married–so almost 20 years. So far, everyone has been able to make it, which is amazing! This year turned out to be extra special. We weren’t sure Christopher and Anna Marie would be able to come, but they did. Such a sweet blessing to all be together!

That’s what makes our day so special. Time together. Laughing together. The thought and love that goes into each gift. The fellowship we have in Jesus.

Enjoy a peek into the day!


Happy Christmas (Eve) Morning!
We have so many now that we split into a separate table in the other room (pictured down further in the post). We started the day with a delicious spread of breakfast casseroles, fruit, yogurt & granola, and pie crust with cinnamon and sugar.
We began with a time of prayer.
Dad handing out gifts from him and Mom.
Gigi gifts everyone, plus gives cards!
Happy grandkids with their happy grandparents (a new dress for Calia from Dad and Mom)
In the cousin name draw, Benji had Axton, and he got him a snow shovel. He was so excited, he went over to help Axton.
Axton was very pleased with this gift (and notice everyone watching him).
Enjoying a book in the midst of all the hubbub!
Betsy made the scarf for Ruthie.
Anna took some of the kids upstairs to play for awhile after their gifts were opened.

Then, early afternoon, SNACK time! All the sisters-in-law brought food to contribute to a delicious spread.

Here’s the other table!
We spent the afternoon playing games.
Then, early evening, our delicious Christmas dinner!
Dad wore a headlamp to match Andrew for a little. Andrew loves his headlamp!
Abby washed many dishes!
So much activity!

“Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous;
and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness” (Psalm 97:12).

The Maxwell Family Christmas Program

Happy Friday, y’all! We’ll be doing a post on our family Christmas Eve day, soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share about our annual Christmas Program. This normally happens Christmas Eve, but this year, after some discussion with each of the families, we moved it to the 26th, so most of us could attend candlelight Christmas Eve services.

The Christmas program is a combination of Scripture reading, singing, and the little kids placing pieces to the nativity. It’s a special time of reflecting on what Jesus did for us!

This year, we loved having Jesse’s Anna with us, and of course, Elliot was a new addition. Joseph’s crew couldn’t join us, and Christopher and Anna Marie participated remotely.

We’re very grateful for family!


Mom prepared a delicious ham and bean soup and invited everyone over before the program.

“Thy word is very pure:
therefore thy servant loveth it” (Psalm 119:140).

Bluetooth Headphones

I spend time in the kitchen and also doing back exercises that allows me to listen to things on my phone such as audiobooks, Scripture, music, and sermons. I wanted some bluetooth headphones because I often got my wired ones tangled on the kitchen drawer handles. Steve had some Apple bluetooth headphones, but they were expensive, and I saw the possibility of them being knocked out of my ear and falling into something that would damage them.

In 2014, Jesse and Mary gifted me on my birthday with an inexpensive set of LetsCom bluetooth headphones that were wired to each other but not to the phone (Amazon links in this post are Titus2’s Amazon’s Affiliate link, and Titus2 earns from qualifying purchases, see the Privacy Policy). They were easy to use, and when I wasn’t using them, they could hang around my neck or go back in my apron pocket.

Six and a half years later and many, many hours of listening, they are still working well. About six months after receiving my first pair of those earbuds, I purchased another set because I missed having my headphones when they were being charged. With two sets—still a fraction of what Apple headphones cost—I could always have a set charged. And I kept them in different places for convenience of use. That second set is going strong too.

A year and a half ago, Steve bought a set to use when he mows the lawn.

We now have experience with three sets of these LetsCom Bluetooth headphones and can highly recommend them.

Trusting in Jesus,

“Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me:
and to him that ordereth his conversation aright
will I shew the salvation of God.” Psalm 50:23

2020 Titus2 and the Maxwells Year in Review

Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve been contemplating this post for a bit, but I needed to take time to pull it together. Below, you’ll find a recap of each month.


Anna Marie shared about her (likely) cancer.
Simon Peter was born to Christopher and Anna Marie, just a few hours short of sharing a birthday with me.
I celebrated my birthday.
Nathan and Melanie celebrated their 18th anniversary!
Caleb was born.


We enjoyed many happy family times.

Anna Marie and Christopher went to New York where Anna Marie underwent surgery. It was confirmed she had Stage 2, HER2+ breast cancer.

Life continued, trying to keep things as normal as we could for Anna Marie’s kids.


COVID, the world shuts down. How strange those days felt as our city enacted a stay-at-home order March 24th.

We remembered Susannah, Nathan and Melanie’s oldest, who would have turned 13.


We enjoyed many walks and runs, grateful for the warmer weather.

Anna Marie left for Washington to begin treatments. Thus began 14 weeks of Anna, Mary, and Mom heavily involved in taking care of their children.

Near the end of the month, my outline was finalized, and I began writing Learning Lessons. Interestingly enough, COVID restrictions helped me out, since I didn’t have as many activities going, and could focus on writing.


We celebrated Mother’s Day. Very grateful for moms!

Anna Marie was hospitalized for a week. Her blood counts were so low, we almost lost her.

Jesse got married to Anna P! Very excited for him.

Nathan and Melanie planned and executed a drive-by birthday party for Gigi’s 88th.


Life continued with a new-normal for everyone. Jesse had just gotten married, and Anna, Mary, and Mom were very involved with helping at Christopher’s. Even more so for a week as Christopher went to visit Anna Marie.

I was thick in book writing and also preparing to launch our updated Titus2 site.

We celebrated Father’s Day and enjoyed more family times. We also were so blessed to be settling into a local church.

Elliot was born to John and Chelsy!


Summer continued in full swing. I continued writing, did a photo session, and also managed life with my injury which I incurred in June during a workout.

Mom gave swimming lessons throughout the summer.

We resumed Sunday family lunches again! YAY!

Anna Marie came home!


We announced the launch of a new shopping cart and website platform. It had been over a year in the making, and we were grateful to have that done.

We celebrated three birthdays, and Dad and Mom’s anniversary. Dad and Mom were able to spend a week in Colorado!

Homeschool started for the younger Maxwells.


My book went to the copyeditor and also finished out the test reader stage. This was a huge milestone!

We enjoyed a Labor Day get-together–our first with everyone together for months.

Projects were accomplished.

We began sharing Jesse and Anna’s wedding pictures.


Learning Lessons went to press. EXCITING!

We participated in our local Life Chain.

We shared a favorite baked-oatmeal recipe.

We had a bed-bug scare. We do not wish to repeat that.

We celebrated Anna’s birthday.

Christopher and Anna Marie hit their 10 year anniversary!


Life was very full, and we were thankful for God’s mercies.

We announced and began to ship Learning Lessons! We also released the 14th edition of Homeschooling with a Meek & Quiet Spirit, which included a bonus chapter.


We caroled to our neighborhood and surrounding area, desiring to bring Christmas joy to a world in a different situation this year.

We shipped books daily, and it was exciting to think of all the kids who would be receiving looked-forward-to books.

We had an amazing Christmas celebration, and we’ll tell you more on that later.

We shared Joseph’s Holy, Holy, Holy recording, given to Dad and Mom as a Christmas gift.

John and Chelsy celebrated their 3rd anniversary!

We love you all! Thank you for sharing in our lives. We look forward to 2021 and what the Lord will do!

“The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him” (Lamentations 3:24).

Happy Third Anniversary, John and Chelsy!

Congratulations to John and Chelsy as they celebrate their third wedding anniversary!

Now, just three years down the road, John and Chelsy are parents to two adorable boys full of spunk, personality, and joy: Axton and Elliot.

We love you!

Happy Third Anniversary!

“Thou art my hiding place and my shield:
I hope in thy word” (Psalm 119:114).

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