County Fair Report, Part 1

((Sarah’s apologies due to the lateness of this.))

While we had a brief county fair report, we wanted to give you a more detailed one. Our family spent much time preparing for the fair with family prayer meetings, banner design, balloon twisting, and face painting practice. For several weeks before the fair, Anna was daily twisting balloons, and Mary was heading over to practice face painting on nieces and nephews.


Anna had learned some complex balloon animal twisting so it often took her as long to make a balloon as it did for Mary to do a face paint. Mary got to where she could do most face paints in 3 minutes and more complex ones were up to 6 minutes. We had a bulletin board with the children’s options for face painting.


As Anna twisted balloons, she talked to children. After each balloon animal was finished and each face paint, the children were sent off with a child’s evangelistic tract. If they weren’t old enough to read, they were encouraged to ask their parents to read it to them.

One family came back a second night and told us they had begun to read the tract to their daughter until the grandstand noise had become too loud, but they were planning to finish it.

Each night, we would go out into the fair grounds and hand out coupons for a free face paint or balloon animal. Then we would go back to our booth and watch the line. When it began to diminish, we would go back out again. Usually that was only necessary two or three times an evening, and then the line would remain.


The girls were busy from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday evening and from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, except for a late afternoon half hour dinner break on Saturday.



While the parents were in line waiting for their child’s turn, we would talk to them and give them a Gospel tract too.

Some of the other vendors in our building told us that they really liked having us in that booth because we drew so many people to the building.

We are praying for spiritual fruit in people’s lives from that outreach ministry.

Trusting in Jesus,


“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

Teri Maxwell’s True Woman Report, Part 1


My family blessed me with a generous and exciting Mother’s Day presenta trip to the True Woman ’16 conference titled Cry Out. I greatly enjoyed being part of 7,000 Christian women, who were worshipping the Lord Jesus and crying out to the Lord on behalf of everything from our own hearts to the state of our world.

My favorite session was Nancy Wolgemuth’s Friday session called Brokenness. I had actually found that message from when she originally gave it many years ago. It is a powerful call to repent of pride and walk in brokenness. She did a superb job of contrasting pride with brokenness. I saw myself in way more of the proud examples, and I loved the challenge to set pride aside.

Friday night the whole session was prayer. We were led in prayer as speakers prayed. We were directed in prayer as they had us get in groups of 3 or 6 and pray for specific prayer points. For over 3 hours, 7,000 women at the conference plus thousands of women around the world who had put together prayer groups for the live simulcast were praying. It was moving.



I try to listen to Nancy’s Revive Our Hearts podcast every day. I learn from her teaching, and I think you would like it too.

If you want to listen to the messages from the True Woman ’16 conference, here is a link.

Trusting in Jesus,

Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Consider ye, and
call for the mourning women, that they may come;
and send for cunning women, that they
may come: 
And let them make haste, and take up a
wailing for us, 
that our eyes may run down with tears,
and our eyelids gush out with waters.”
Jeremiah 9:17-18

Open Your Mouth for the Speechless

Last Sunday, we had the joy of participating in standing for life here in Leavenworth. Cities across the nation joined together on Sunday, October 2nd, to pray for abortion to end.

Did you know that over 3000 abortions are done in the United States every day and 125,000 worldwide? Our hearts grieve over this terrible atrocity.

I captured the hour with pictures. It was an amazing time to stand with others for life.



“Open thy mouth for the dumb
in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.”
Proverbs 31:8

Debt-Free Series: What is Our Example?

Our children are watching us and our example is being imprinted on their lives. We must ask ourselves, is it really about teaching our children to be debt-free, or the more important commitment, to love the Lord Jesus with all our heart, soul, and mind and obediently follow Him? I endorse the latter.

At the heart of our walk with Christ is whether we believe Him. Obviously, believing in Him, Who He is, and what He has done for us on the cross is essential for salvation. However, believing His Word is essential for abundant life in Christ. Do we truly believe what His Word says?

It is one thing to believe He has saved us for eternity with Him after we die, but does He provide and guide us while we live? If so, am I really willing to follow Him? Could it be that our willingness to trust and obey Him in life is an indication of our real trust in Him? Do we actually believe something if “it” doesn’t affect the decisions we make?

In the garden, Satan led Eve to sin by “encouraging” Eve to doubt what God told them. “…And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said…?: (Genesis 3:1). As a result of that exchange, sin entered and passed to their children and down through the ages to us. Foundational to teaching our children to be debt-free is for them to observe parents who truly believe God and follow Him.

Scripture is very clear on whether God will provide for us. “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). Is it true? Of course. Do we believe it always? most of the time? some of the time? none of the time?

Our actions are determined by our decisions. We make decisions based on what we believe to be true. If we believe that God will supply all of our needs, what do we do when we don’t have money for something?

Do we first seek the Lord as to whether He considers it a need or a want? God will not supply all our wants, but He will supply all of our needs in His time.

Our children are watching. They remember our actions. We set the example. If we justify wants as needs, they will also. Then when God doesn’t supply money for their wants, they will borrow like everyone else.

Are you content in Christ? Are you trusting Him to meet your needs? Are you teaching, by example, your children to walk in faith, obediently following Jesus?


“Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” 
1 Corinthians 11:1

Debt-Free Series: Excited to Begin

For some time I’ve had it on my heart to encourage families who have the desire to raise children to live debt-free lives. From my discussions with people, I believe the vast majority of Christians today are burdened down with debt. They believe it is just a fact of life – unavoidable.They have labored for years under the weight of it, not thinking it is possible to live without it. Praise God there are some who desire and are committed to something better for their children. If that is your desire, this series is for you.

I recently asked those who receive the Seriously Dads’ email if they were committed to raising their children to be debt-free. My purpose was to reply to them directly and encourage them. However, too many responded for me to dialog with each individually. To give you an idea, however, of the mindset of today’s conservative Christians, ONLY 2% replied that they are committed to this endeavor for their children. That grieves my heart not in any sort of condemnation, but because of the bondage they are experiencing and the freedom in life they are missing.

Still, I was encouraged that many responded that they are committed to raising their children to be debt-free. That also meant I needed to find another way of corresponding with you. I realized we could do it via the blog and for those who wished could sign up to receive the blog via email (see the right side bar). That is why the addition of a new topic thread to the blog.

What to expect, (Lord willing):

  • Hope! Hope is the essential, beginning point for commitment and achievement.
  • Practical ideas and resources that build upon that hope.
  • Encouragement. One brother shared how all his friends were suggesting that he get a mortgage and that it was a ridiculous idea to try to save for a house. This will be a “place” of encouragement.
  • A place for you to be involved. You can respond via e-mail (not by comments), give me your thoughts on questions, share your heart, and ask questions. (If you wish to respond, you can do so via our Contact Form or replying to a Seriously email.)
  • God’s grace. He gives it bountifully when we seek to follow Him.
  • Life in Christ, Who is the Hope of the world, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Share these posts with others who you believe are open to living debt-free and/or raising their children that way. Even though you may be surrounded by those thinking it isn’t possible, why not help them escape “Egypt” with you? Create your own encouragement community around you.

Question: What do you think are foundational aspects for someone to be debt-free?

Thank you for being a part. Please pray for us as we pray for you.

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Trusting in Christ alone,

img_8178“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and
peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope,
through the power of the Holy Ghost” (Romans 15:13).

Nathan and Melanie Maxwell’s Baby News


We are excited to announce that we are expecting again. The due date is March 6th. We are all happy and working to wait patiently.

There’s an element of realism with every new baby. We don’t have life figured out now, adding another one to the mix will further confirm that. Things that always work for others don’t for us. For example, the fancy “help-your-child-quit-thumb-sucking-leather-glove” that is virtually guaranteed to work – didn’t for Andrew. The “Earn a Build-A-Bear Trip” reward for the certain child that went consecutively 14 days without wetting his/her bed overnight – once earned, proved that we were not past the challenge (but they did enjoy the BaB trip and 5 Guys afterwards). Silly examples of how “real” raising four kids is. And yet, no matter how challenging, it’s a privilege.

There are many encouragements. One of our kids that did everything possible last year to delay completing a workbook page, this school year she jumped right in and is diligent and focused. She did some school in my office this morning and some how left her school pages down here (along with her pencil box and all its contents spread out). She had worked on them without my assistance and completed four pages perfectly. She was watching the clock the entire time so she didn’t miss the start of the next subject. Quality work, time awareness, excitement for school = pretty great.

Abigail MaxwellAbby is highly capable; she loves structure and serving. She decided we needed something fun to go with dinner last night and pulled out her kids’ Nourishing Traditions cookbook and made parfaits, complete with home-made whipped cream–“Sweetened with maple syrup”, she said, “better for us than sugar.” (The link is a Titus2 Amazon affiliate link; you can read Titus2’s Privacy Policy here.)

Bethany MaxwellBethany has a quick smile and can cram a 10-minute dish drying project into 45. But, she’s happy the entire time and does a super job. She recently decided she was lead on apple washing for our first round of apple-sauce making. She washed the vast majority of 3 bushels of apples and still wanted to help in other areas. She is the exact opposite of Abby when it comes to structure – she likes freedom and flexibility.

Christina has a vocabulary that, at times, I think is more extensive Christina Maxwellthan mine. She and I are heart buddies. There’s times she and I can connect when no one else can with her. Melanie thinks it’s because of the special time she and I had right after her birth while Melanie was waking up from anesthesia. I think it’s because she’s a carbon copy of Melanie. Since I happen to like the Melanie personality pretty well (enough to marry it!), Christina and I getting along well is a natural. Maybe we’re both right.

Andrew Maxwell with Aunt Anna MaxwellAndrew is a little boy. He is pretty much always a bit sweaty, and if outside – a bit wet (he finds water to play in everywhere, or is having a diaper issue – or both). He loves putting rocks in the outside air-conditioner (and is currently grounded to the deck), is a mosquito magnet, never stands still, and is thrilled to now know what a penguin says. He picked this up after our recent trip to the St. Louis zoo. In case you are wondering, it’s Meee-au, emphasis on the first syllable. Some of his extended family have mistakenly thought it was a cat sound, but he’s assured them it’s quite different.

Melanie is pretty tired this pregnancy. Being a homeschool mom is not a cake-walk (as so many of you know). She’s a trooper and thrilled to be carrying this little one.

Life is challenging, but we are grateful for it. As a couple that didn’t know whether we could have children – raising four and expecting a fifth is a tremendous blessing. We are exceedingly blessed by our kiddos and love our life with them – pouring ours into theirs.

A happy dad,

“Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine
by the sides of thine house:
thy children like olive plants
round about thy table.”
Psalm 128:3

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