A Child’s Favorite Family: The Moodys!

What I’m going to share below is the sort of thing that makes my day. Six-year-old Olivia drew a picture of the Moodys to help her four-year-old brother keep track of the characters. It’s a pretty amazing picture, and this young lady is only 6! If you don’t have a set of the Moody books, grab your copy now!



“The righteous shall be glad in the LORD, and shall trust in him;
and all the upright in heart shall glory.”
Psalm 64:5

The Number One Puppy Training Tool

Or at least, so we think! Let me introduce you to Stewart’s Beef Liver Treats. We buy a large 21 ounce container from Amazon, which supposedly has about 475 pieces. (The Amazon links in this post are affiliate. Read our disclosure/privacy policy here.) Then, because the pieces are large, and we’re using them frequently to train, we cut each piece into 4-8 bites. I put those into a container, and I keep a sandwich-size bag stocked with them in my pocket for when I train Ellie.


You can see how large the chunks are on the right. I cut them into smaller pieces as you can see slightly to the left.
You can see how large the chunks are on the right. I cut them into smaller pieces as you can see slightly to the left.

Right now, Ellie is learning several commands, but her best so far is “Off.” I can hold a treat in my open hand, and she will sit there and watch. As soon as I say “Yes,” she will take it. I’ve tried the standard dog biscuit types of treats, and while those are so-so to her, liver is hands-down her favorite. I think you’ll find, as we have, that your dog will respond enthusiastically to liver treats.

So, need something to help with your dog training? Check out Stewart’s Beef Liver Treats.


Ellie's amazing with learning "off."
Ellie’s amazing with learning “off.”


“Blessed be the LORD,
who daily loadeth us with benefits,
even the God of our salvation. Selah.”
Psalm 68:19

Homeschool Report Cards

sunflower-fill-in-report-cardAs homeschoolers, you may not have thought twice (or even once!) at the idea of giving your children report cards. Why would they be necessary? I suggest you read my mom’s article (January Mom’s Corner) called Seven Important Reasons Why Homeschoolers Should Give Report Cards. After that, stop by our report card page and pick out what report card you want to use. We have customizable options!

Here’s the beginning of her article, but then please go to the link to finish reading.

Do you remember being in school and having your report card handed to you? How did you feel as you looked at it? Were you excited? Anxious? Did you open it then or wait until you were alone? What was it like taking it home and showing it to your parents? Did you want to hide it, or were you proud of it?

When I was growing up, report card day was a momentous event at home. We received a quarter for each “B” and a dollar for each “A.” If the report cards were good, we had a special family dessert – chocolate sauce over pound cake. I only remember my sister and me bringing home good report cards. Yay!

As homeschool families are there any reasons why we would give report cards to our children? They place an added burden on Mom to create extra time and effort to track the information that would be needed to compile report cards. Sometimes as homeschoolers we feel like we want to leave behind what we saw as the institutionalized part of education. Do report cards fall into that category? As a homeschool family for 30 years, we would encourage you that report cards play an important role in home education.


It is necessary for homeschool moms to be diligent about accomplishing homeschooling. The education of their children falls squarely on their shoulders. Planning to give quarterly report cards should motivate Mom to make sure daily and weekly school is happening so that she has data from her students to be entered into the report card. It is very difficult to generate a report card if school time has been lacking.

Continue Reading.

“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser:
teach a just man, and he will increase in learning.”
Proverbs 9:9

Ellie’s Growing

My puppy is growing by leaps and bounds. Ellie’s extremely lovable and even at her young age, recognizes family and gets very excited to see them. Her puppy energy has kept me on my toes, and I have really enjoyed her. Ellie’s remarkably smart and catches onto training very quickly. I’ll share our secret tool we use in another post. If you need motivation for your dog, this will be it!

Needless to say, Ellie’s a highlight with everyone and doesn’t lack for attention. She loves to explore, sleep, eat, and be petted, with sleep probably being #1. 😉







My lil’ buddy.

“The pastures are clothed with flocks;
the valleys also are covered over with corn;
they shout for joy, they also sing.”
Psalm 65:13

What’s The Use of a New Saw if…

Nathan recently procured a chainsaw, and we had the perfect opportunity for him to use it on a tree that needed to come down. Our neighbor said it was a mulberry tree. It had lots of scrubby, twisted branches. A few weeks before, Dad, Anna, and Mary started the process by taking a large branch down.

Then, last Saturday, Nathan and his girls came over, and under Dad’s coaching, Nathan cut it down. There’s always an amazing feeling as you watch the tree start to move and then fall. The one thing they really had to be careful of was another small oak tree. They dropped it perfectly, saving the other tree.

Nathan did an excellent job!

Here’s the tree.
Of course, Ellie was around.
Of course, Ellie was around.



Aren't they cute?!
Aren’t they cute?!






It’s going!



Mary and Anna did an incredible job cleaning up all the sticks and brush.
Way to go, Anna!
Their stacking job was extremely impressive! Otherwise it would have taken three loads to the brush dump.

“Your little ones, your wives, and thy stranger that is in thy camp,
from the hewer of thy wood unto the drawer of thy water.”
Deuteronomy 29:11

Ellie Plays

It’s hard to narrow down pictures of Ellie. She’s so cute (but not as cute as my nieces/nephews). She’s done beautifully this past week and has definitely become my buddy. We’re training with basic commands, and she’s especially catching on nicely to the “come” command. She’s a smart dog. I’m also grateful Ellie is sleeping all night long! She’s growing up so fast–literally!

Happy 1st Day of February. Where did January go?!



The girls calling her to "come."
The girls calling her to “come.”
Ellie loves balls.
Ellie loves balls.
"You run, Girl!"
“You run, Girl!”
So much to explore.
So much to explore.
"What did you want?"
“What did you want?”
Anna and Ellie.
Anna and Ellie.


"Yes, good girl!"
“Yes, good girl!”

“Because thy lovingkindness is better than life,
my lips shall praise thee.”
Psalm 63:1

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